Chain that flavor challenge

Hello fellow cardsmiths, we were really disappointed to close our last flavor text challenge. But it didn't receive the amount of entries we'd hoped to start with. As such, we thought we'd change the formula to account for less entries.

Because we'd like to still run a flavor text challenge, we're gonna make a combined list of rules from Creature Feature and Post your cards here. Actually see what others think. Of which, you should check those threads out!

1) I will favorite all cards posted that are appropriate for the forums and mtgcardsmith.
2) A feeling of self accomplishment. (It's a just for fun contest after all!)

I'll also gift a premium subscription to one of the first five entraints. After a week's time-frame, if we get that many entries in that time period. This will be as a thank you for getting the challenge rolling!

1) You will make a card using one of the flavor text options given by the cardsmith prior to you.
2) You will post up to two sets of flavor text for the next cardsmith to choose from.
3) This process will repeat for as long as there is interest in it.
4) Cards must be appropriate for the forums and mtgcardsmith.

If you post an entry and another cardsmith has already posted a reply, your entry will still be accepted. Just don't request flavor text.

(The first requested flavor text will be in the next comment...)


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