What Does it Take?

I have seen many-a featured cards over my nearly 3 years on Cardsmith, but never have I had a featured card. So I sort of asked it in the past:

What does it take to become a featured card?

This includes several questions I have about it such as:

Who nominates them?
Do you need a certain number of favorites to become one?
How recent must a card be in order to have a chance at being featured now?

(Some other questions that might arise)

Could someone help me answer those questions?

@Corwinnn, you seem the most qualified to answer, seeing as you are a moderator.


  • This had only one favorite before it was featured, and This had already 10 or more favorites before it was featured if I remember correctly.

    This card was made in 2016, and featured in 2018. This was featured in the day it was published.

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    From my perspective, getting featured isn't necessarily to flaunt the card shown, but to stir discussion of it. So sometimes a featured card has mistakes and the like, or is simplistic, or does something really original, or is just an entry in a recent official featured contest. Join those official contests like the art one, and your chance of getting featured goes way up I think, if getting featured is something you really hope for.
  • Who nominates the feature?
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    @Ranshi922 - I think all of those things @Tomigon and @saveria201 said are true. You can also win a feature in the Mystery box challenge, and I think there is a place on the Facebook page where you can nominate a card... but I don't know, since I don't use Facebook, so if anyone can confirm that, let me know.
  • I don't use facebook either, @Corwinnn.
  • @Corwinnn, I have one more question: does grant pick the features himself? After answering which, could you plz close this discussion?
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    There is a lot of mystery surrounding the actual selection process and selectors. My two theories are there must be multiple people who select them (based on the variety of the cards selected), or it's a semi-random process.... or there is the third theory... that being, we may never really know!
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