Dominaria Legends

With the Dominaria set, a couple of new things have been added to the game as well as some returning mechanics. Legendary and historic cards seem to be a big focus as well as wizard tribal. The challenge is to make card with dominaria in mind, here are the rules:

.The card has fall into one or more of these things:

.Have historic in its text

.Be an uncommon legendary creature

.Have a wizard tribal theme

.Be a legendary sorcery

.Have the Kicker keyword in its text

.Be a saga card type

.Be a legendary noncreature card

.Fits the theme of dominaria through its art, through the flavor text, or through the card title or all three.

.The card must be turned in by SEPTEMBER 20th

.You may have up to 8 entries

.List the category or categories in which your card is to be entering, here are the categories:

.Historic cards/Kicker: This will be all historic cards, (Sagas, legendary cards, artifacts and card with historic in their text) and cards with the Kicker keyword

.Wizards/Flavor: This will categorize cards that have a wizard tribal theme and cards that have a dominarian style/theme/flavor, and/or dominarian flavor text.

.There will be a first and second place and an honorable mentions for each category:

1ST PLACE: A follow and 5 favorites of your choice
2ND PLACE: A follow, 3 favorites of my choice
HONORABLE MENTIONS: 4 favorites of my choice

Good luck and happy smithing!



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