I am back from the dead

Muhahhaha. That's right. Liliana has summoned me from the grave to partake in more shenanigans. After resting so long it's time to go at it again. Feel free to poke me here or on the site. Been seeing a lot of good stuff.


  • Consider yourself poked. XD

    Hello! *waves innocently*
  • *Distorted vision*

  • welcome back :)
  • Welcome Back!!

  • Welcome back, can't wait to see your newest creations @fraziel07!
  • Already made a few thus far @sorinjace. Feel free to see them. @Faiths_Guide helped me with one so far.
  • Will do right now @fraziel07. Feel free to check my cards out if you want, comments always appreciated. What's your favorite colors and creatures in magic? I'm working on cards for cardsmiths, it would be an honor making you a card, your one of the older cardsmiths!
  • @fraziel07, I don't believe we have met before! Hello, I'm Ranshi! I've been here for a while but have only recently been getting involved. Welcome back!
  • Well met @Ranshi922, look forward to seeing your stuff ^_^. @sorinjace originally I operate green/white and will splash an extra color or experiment. As for creatures, that's harder for me since I ran token decls with many types. I currently have like 8 edh decks. One is azban zombie/sacrifice, r/w angels and soldiers, g/w selesnya tokens, white soldier, krenko goblin, derevi energy and boost, r/w/u artifacts, and u/g merfolk
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    Sorry it took me s minute to get back to you @fraziel07, I favorited and commented on your newest cards and a couple older ones. It appears I had already given you a follow, I must've come across your cards awhile ago or something. Anyhow, love your work. I got an idea for your card I'm going to submit it to ranshis contest.
  • I just saw it. I like it.
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