Picture Perfect, Illustration Extravaganza (Ongoing Challenge)

Many of you know of @sorinjace's Creature Feature contest, and few of you know of that discussion where I asked people to send me artwork to make. Those two discussions did some brewing around in my head so I came up with this idea.

The rules are simple:
1. No skipping Artwork.
2. Use the Artwork that was submitted.
3. In order to submit a card, you must also provide two possible illustrations for the next entry.
4. Nothing that would be banned on this site. (i.e. No Nudity, No Profanity, No you get the jist...)

Every 1 or 2 weeks I will judge among the entries.
1st Place: 3 faves
2nd Place: 2 faves
3rd Place: 1 fave
Honorable Mention: The pride that I really liked your card but 3 people just slipped ahead.

Rules will update as needed. Here is an image for you to kick things off with!



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