Contest — Living Art Creatures [RESULTS + INDIVIDUAL FEEDBACK]

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Hello everyone! =D

For this short contest, I'm asking you to help design an important piece of the MTGCardsmith community Renaissance Set codename Rezatta: the Living Art creatures!

You see, on Rezatta, Art is so vibrant it actually comes to life:


So, here's your challenge for this contest:

Design one or more cards that show Art coming to life.

Here are some rules and clarifications:
- You can design either a living piece of Art, or something that creates a living piece of Art, like an artist.
- If you'd like, you're free to use any mechanic and/or keyword you want, existing or custom-made.
- You don't need the card to fit into the world of Rezatta, so don't bother reading the Rezatta thread ^^
- You will be judged on how well your card(s) depict Art coming to life, flavour is important!

- LIMIT OF ENTRIES: 5 cards per cardsmith
- DEADLINE: September 8th 2018 (Saturday in two weeks)

The winners will get the following prizes:
- 1st place: 5 favourites of your choice
- 2nd place: 3 favourites of your choice
- 3rd place: 1 favourite of your choice

Good luck to everyone, show me the real artists inside of you! ;)



  • What’s with the symbol. Is that being added to Cardsmith?
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    Nope, just the Rezatta set symbol as a signature for the challenge =) It was created by @Faiths_Guide :D You can use whatever set symbol you want for the challenge, I myself like to use the Kaladesh symbol because I think it looks a bit similar ^^
  • Oh... that’s disappointing.
  • @Ranshi922
    We'll eventually ask if we can add it to the site once we have feedback from more people on it and we've moved past Vision Design :)
  • @ningyounk
    Here was my example card.
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  • An alternative "Fickle Inspiration" mechanic could be:

    If you spent multiple colors of mana to cast this, put it onto the battlefield transformed as it resolves.

    It would force us to make "double sided" cards, but becomes simpler text and would allow further versatility without adding much complexity.

  • Might these cards here be used in the final product of the set?
  • @Ranshi922
    We may take some inspiration from different concepts we see if they happen to fit the set, though we're very far away from the final product and it seems unlikely a card stays untouched all the way through design. A set creates a lot of competing forces that will make cards change rarities, colours, stats, flavour etc. depending on the other cards we design along the way ^^
  • @ningyounk, I meant might they be in consideration for whenever the final or semifinal product is in the works
  • image image

    Using my most recent concoction:
    Vivify (If you control an Artist, put this spell onto the battlefield transformed as it resolves.)
  • Artistic BUMP

  • The Rezatta set symbol got released?
  • @Faiths_Guide
    Indeed! The Rezatta Symbol got released yesterday =D
    I didn't even ask MTGCardsmith for it yet, but hey I guess it's official now x)
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    The contest ends this week-end, for whoever wishes to create some more Living Art and may have not seen this yet ;)

    For the premium members, you can even use the Rezatta Set Symbol now! =D
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    Beautiful set symbol! I'll start using it once I get it...

    ...How about some poetry?

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    Entry number 1 is inspired by the Renaissance habit of adding a deliberate imperfection into a painting to stop it from 'rivaling the divine' - really a way of showing off since it's suggesting that the artist could make a God-like painting if they wanted to.

    Let me explain a little of the idea behind this living art mechanic. By allowing you to keep the activated abilities with a creature, it gives the creature a little extra longevity while also creating a chance to deckbuild and experiment. Inspiring a hexproof creature, for example, would be a good way of maintaining an activated ability you wanted to keep.
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    Entry number 2 may or may not be inspired by Nick Cave's 'weeping song.'

    Living art also allows us to try and make cool combos. This card provides its own counters to drain your opponent, killing itself when it's finished. It then inspires something with a lot of counters on it: maybe that Vigean Hydropon you cast earlier.

    Why is a song a creature? I don't know, it's an abstract idea, I guess.
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    None of my entries are commons or uncommons, but I think the mechanic works at those levels as well, provided the abilities there are particularly fair ones like 3UU,T: Draw a card, or something.
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    This one is definitely the strongest of my entries.
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    The 5/4 for 5 with flying is definitely my favourite creature baseline. It's just cool and powerful. My living art mechanic doesn't grant keywords (which would be a whole other level of complexity) so it has to grant activated abilities that provide keywords. Again, players are encouraged to find a creature that, inspired with this card, benefits the best from vigilance, first strike and lifelink.

    It's been fun experimenting with ideas. That's my final entry.
  • Has anyone seen the Painted World of Ariandel dlc?
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    Flight of the Butterfly
    (Ignore the comments. I have no idea why they are there.)
    Angelic Rebirth
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  • Alright, it is officially Sunday in every part of the world!


    I'll come back very soon with the results, and a quick review of each entry :)
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