The Feeding of the Lhurgoyfs

Lhurgoyfs. Creatures that feed on the dead, everyone knows and loves them. (Except perhaps some modern players.) I want to see your Lhurgoyf designs.

For reference:[lhurgoyf]||subtype=+[lhurgoyf]

I don't just expect creatures, though. You can also make tribal spells with the subtype Lhurgoyf that would generally support the tribe. However, I am looking for more creative designs as opposed to creatures that are effectively clones of the classic 'Goyfs.

So, how about some ground rules?

1. Two entries per person.
2. If you edit/remake your card, please edit the original post containing it, as to avoid clogging the forum.
3. You can submit designs made on or whatever, but it MUST be able to be found on MTGCardsmith. If I cannot find it, your entry will be quietly disqualified for I will have no proof that you are actually the person who made it.
4. Cards that don't credit the artist will also be quietly disqualified.

As for prizes, I'm a little stingy, but they are as follows:

1st place: Four favorites and a choice of honorable mention.
2nd place: Two favorites and a choice of honorable mention.
3rd place: One favorite.
Honorable mentions: One favorite.

The deadline is the fifteenth of September. This post may be bumped if a long enough period of inactivity occurs.


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