GDS3 Booster Pack Challenge: But for Cardsmiths!

Alright so if any of you followed GDS3 you would know that they had to make a booster pack of custom cards as a challenge. I wish for you to do the same.

- You will make a booster pack of 15 cards (including a basic); 16 if you want to add a token. (10 commons, 3 uncommons, 1 rare/MR, 1 basic land, (opt.) 1 token)
- The pack may be based off of a plane, if you so choose; but the cards in the pack must be connected in some way. Because the are all supposed to be from the same "set"

- Packs may be edited until the due date
- You may present the pack as a written pack
(Mana cost)
(Card name)
(Card type)
(Card rarity)
(Flavor text if needed)

or you may make them all.

- All packs will be judged equally
- NO old cards!

Submissions and Judging
- There are three judges so far myself and two mystery judges (if you want to be a judge DM me)
- The due date is October 1
- Packs may be edited
- Please edit your submission if able we do not want to scroll through 20 pages
- Each judge will judge each pack and we will decide winners at the end...!


Have Fun!

Prizes to be posted later!...


  • Booster packs, at least since Shards of Alara onwards, only had ten commons, three uncommons, one rare/mythic, one land, and ~ 1 token.
  • Yea but I wanted the land to not be included...but changes will be made thank you for the clarification! :)
  • Although I assume most of you will not start submitting tomorrow submissions can be put in once midnight in your local timezone is reached
  • Dibs on New Phyrexia!
  • So we pick packs and then we make a hypothetical pack for it using cards that we make for that set’s concepts?
  • I also have had packs with 2 mythics because of a weird loophole when it comes to foild
  • Yea they may be based on a plane if you choose but it has to have an obvious theme if it isnt...foils are not included
  • Got it. I was just noting an exception to the pack formula
  • Dibs on my Ravnican homebois
  • I’ll take KTK
  • More than one person can do a plane
  • That’s no fun! Then people can’t yell that they call dibs
  • @DoctorFro
    Wow, you went straight for the final and hardest GDS3 challenge xD Its super hard because in the original challenge you had to be aware of the inner rules of the set you've chosen (for instance, on Tarkir, Morph creatures can't morph into creatures that would eat a 2/2 and survive unless their Morph cost is 5 or higher, etc.)
  • Yea I thought it was the coolest of all the challenges and that is why u have a month to make the packa
  • Alright, here's my pack of...

    Aether Revolt


    (You can click on each image to have a bigger version.)

    I figured I'd give some explanations as it can be quite difficult to figure out what I was thinking from looking at 15 cards at once:

    I didn't want to re-invent the wheel at common since there were 10 of them to design, so I mostly wanted to showcase a bit of every archetype, highlighting the specificities of the Aether Revolt set from a design point of view, and developing the spirit of the set in slightly new directions but nothing too fancy. I then tried to do some new things at higher rarities.

    COMMON 1 — Salvager Artist
    Aether Revolt distinguishes itself from Kaladesh by its more destructive nature, highlighted by the Revolt mechanic. It also needs a way to create Servo tokens now that Fabricate is gone. While Red is not in the colours of either Revolt or Fabricate, it likes to sacrfice artifacts for value, and this plays in this area.

    COMMON 2 — Renegade Reinforcement
    A simple fight spell that showcase the set's new mechanic that appears in green: Revolt. It has utility in any limited green deck but plays especially well in both the GW Revolt archetype and the BG +1/+1 counters matter archetype.

    COMMON 3 — Creaky Owl
    The artifact-matters theme is stronger in Aether Revolt than in Kaladesh and the Revolt mechanic asks for some sacrifices. The set is always in need for more artifact creatures with coloured activation costs. This one is fitted for both the UB Artifacts-matter and BR Artifact Aggro archetype but plays especially well with the WB Revolt/Sacrifice/Reanimation archetype which likes to reanimate stuff from the graveyard. There's also a light mill theme in Aether Revolt.

    COMMON 4 — Gideon's Embrace
    Top-down design from a story moment, this card is a utility spell that will shine mostly in aggro WR Vehicles decks because it can untap the crewing creatures.

    COMMON 5 — Consulate Consultant
    This cards showcases the new mechanic Improvise. It goes straight in the UR Improvise deck where it can untap the artifacts you used to improvise, but it also goes well in the WU Blink deck that will like blinking this to tap the opponent's creatures.

    COMMON 6 — Threatening Entrance
    A subtle variation on Innocent Blood that is reminiscent of the old and flavourful Terror-like black removal spells (destroy target nonblack nonartifact cards.) This one goes especially well in UB Artifact-matters of UR Aggro Artifacts archetype since it can become a one-mana "Target player sacrifices a creature" as long as you have only artifact creatures.

    COMMON 7 — Confiscation Team
    WOTC claimed a posteriori that they should have put Energy hate cards in Kaladesh to keep the set from spiraling out of control like it did. This is one card attempting that in a very direct way that is not as brutal as Suncleanser.

    COMMON 8 — Beaming Telescope
    A low-mana artifact card. It's pretty straight-forward, and goes into any limited deck that is desperate for either energy or artifacts.

    COMMON 9 — Rooftops Funambulist
    This card returns the main mechanic of the Kaladesh block, Energy, and respects the convention where every card using energy provides some itself. It also highlights how WOTC started to push the Daunt mechanic (can't be blocked by creatures with power 2 or less) with the Kaladesh block. It is meant for both the stompy RG Energy and UG Energy value decks.

    UNCOMMON 1 — Ragavan's Hack
    This card plays with both the flavour of Ragavan, the legendary Monkey that's created by Kari zev, Skyship Raider and the Modification Auras. I called this version a Hack and not a Modification because it's a red way of getting rid of a creature. A very dangerous way since the creature gets to attack you once with the boost. This is mostly meant for the RW Vehicles deck and RB Aggro artifacts deck.

    UNCOMMON 2 — Recruiting Skyraider
    A vehicle and its returning mechanic Crew from the Kaladesh set. I tried to respect the as-fan (=probability of apparition) of both artifacts and vehicles in this booster, and vehicles have a higher chance of appearing at uncommon. This skyship plays in a yet unexplored area: the vehicle caring about the crewing creatures, instead of the creatures caring about crewing the vehicle.

    UNCOMMON 3 — Secretary of Archives
    A powerful build-around-me to highlight the Johnny aspect of the set. It pushes the light mill theme of Aether Revolt a little further, and synergizes with both Improvise and any artifact creatures like Vehicles, Servos and Thopters.

    MYTHIC RARE — Oxymoronic Accelerator
    The Kaladesh Block is meant to be more Johnny-ish than other sets with plenty of very Johnny artifacts. This plays in this area with a unique ability that has many ways of being taken advantage of.

    BASIC LAND 1 — Plains
    Not much to see here, but I managed to find a good-looking illustration with the characteristic swirly clouds of Kaladesh, following the trail of aether.

    FOIL 1 — Etched Champion (Masterpiece Series)
    I wanted to showcase this unique feature of the Aether Revolt boosters that are the Inventions Masterpieces. I chose Etched Champions to fit the characteristic bronze-coloured illustration, and added a "Confiscation Directive" flavour text that appear specifically on the Aether Revolt inventions as opposed to the Kaladesh ones.
  • @ningyounk, beautiful designs!
  • @ningyounk

    I made my booster on mtg set editor, how do you get that link to post here?
  • @bigbadbooknerd Post them on imgur.
  • Alright prizes to be announced on the 20th...until then the entries should jsut keep rolling in
  • Ah, thanks for reminding me. I'll have the entries in tomorrow night.
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