Let's Break Some Card Frames!

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I'm going to attempt another challenge and this time hopefully NOT procrastinate judging entries to the point where I forget I even made the contest to begin with. (Oops...)

Okay, so, my challenge is a bit of a doozy, especially when trying to be done with MTGCS, but here it is: I want you to choose an existing card frame, design, and/or type (creature, instant, sorcery, etc.) and do something with it that's never been done before. For example: for another contest I recently created a transform card you can cast either side of:

I want you to do stuff like this. I'd provide more examples I've thought up (and maybe at the end of the contest I'll go over the card concepts I had that didn't end up coming up) Now, I know MTGCS is limited to only certain card frames, so if you want to make a card that can't be visually pulled off in MTGCS, you are free to submit text-only cards of your concepts and I can see if I can make them work using Magic Set Editor.

So, the rules:
1. Your card can be done through any editor (MTGCS, MSE, etc.) or done in text (or drawing, or any other method that conveys your idea).
2. Editing your entry is allowed up until I call for judging.
3. You may enter up to three cards, but they all must be included in the same post. You may edit your post and add more cards over time, I just don't want extra space taken up by entries for the same person. The highest score among your cards will count when deciding prizes (e.g. If the top three scores are all by the same smith, they will only receive the first place prize and the second place price will go to the smith with the 4th highest score.)
4. Old entries are totally allowed if they meet the judging criteria (seen below).
5. While not required, linking images directly to your entry is always nice, especially for the art of text cards. For help with html junk, go here: http://forums.mtgcardsmith.com/discussion/809/tutorial-forum-post-coding
6. Unset cards are allowed when used to get away with unique effects that couldn't normally be done in the game. I don't exactly want cards made to be funny, I want the card to scream: "Hey! I can't normally do something like this in black-bordered games!" (Think Augment form Unstable.) Just let me know the design is intended for an unset.

I'm going to score out of 100 for easy comparison.
35pt: How well designed the card(s) are.
30pt: Creativity and originality of the card(s) and concepts used.
10pt: How appealing your card(s) are. (If I were to see this in a booster pack how likely am I to say "oh, cool" and not have the urge to give it away or trash it?)
10pt: Interaction of the card(s) with themselves and other official cards.
10pt: Accuracy of the wording of the card(s). (I'm not expeciting perfection, especially with awkward effects, but try to make the wording smooth, grammatical, and seamless.)
5pt: Balance of the card(s). (The ideal range is playable, not uber-powerful.)
Bonus Points:
7pt: Flavor of the card(s) (Which doesn't necessarily have to include flavor text).
3pt: Artwork of the card(s). (1pt for having it on all cards, 1pt for quality of the art [in terms of it actually being art I'd expect to find on an MTG card, and 1pt for how good each piece looks and relates to the card it was put on. I'm hoping this should be fairly easy points for just about everyone.)

For text-only cards:
I'd recommend using the following template, but as long as I can understand the card layout and such, any formatting is fine.
[Name] [Mana Cost Symbols]
[Supertypes and types]—[Subtypes] [Rarity]
[Text box]
[Power/Toughness and/or loyalty and/or other bottom stats]
—————— [Use this only if your card as other faces/modes (aftermath, fuse, etc.) to it]
[Next face/mode of card using formatting from above where applicable.]

Score a B- (80/100) or higher: A fave on your card (if it's made through MTGCS). If the card isn't made throught MTCS, I'll look through your cards and fave at least 1 I like
3rd: A fave on your card (if it's made through MTGCS) and I'll look through your cards and fave 2 cards I like.
2nd: A follow, a fave on your card (if it's made through MTGCS) and I'll look through your cards and fave 4 cards I like.
1st: A follow, a fave on your card (if it's made through MTGCS), and I'll look through your cards and fave every card I like. I will fav at least 6 cards when doing this.

The tentative deadline for this contest is 10/1/18 (Updated!), but that could lengthen if enough people request it. Enough entries can also justify me upping prize stakes and adding more winning placements.

Feel free to send me any other questions, comments, and/or concerns and I'll try to get back to you. Happy smithing!


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