Cycles are pretty common in Magic sets. Everytime a set is released I try and find at least one cycle in the set.

For those of you who are asking "What's a Cycle?"

A Cycle in Magic is typically five or six cards that have a common theme or mechanic among them. They are usually every color.

Some "recent" cycles:


I want you to create a cycle.

I will judge based on the way the cards are linked and how they still have the characteristics of their color.

ONLY ONE ENTRY PER PERSON. (please make it all one comment)

1st: cards favored, a follow, and another favorite of their choice
2nd: cards favored, and another favorite of their choice
3rd: cards are favored

Will close by 9/30/18


  • Hey :) Do you care only for horizontal cycles (colours) or are vertical cycles allowed as well (rarity)?
  • Are multicolored cycles allowed? (Ally, enemy, Tarkir, Alara, homunculus)
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    The Mother's family, featuring its colorful individuals:


    image image image image


    It's EPIC
  • As long as there's a white one, a blue one, a black one, a red one, and a green one, @ninyounk and @fiskerton so yeah they have to be single colors.

    Also their typically the same rarity.
  • Technically I wanted you to make your own cycle, @Temurzoa, that's not based of an existing card, but it's funny so it's fine.
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    So, only horizontal cycles allowed then ^^ Fair enough ^^

    You sound like you may not know there are other types of cycles though, am I wrong? ^^ If so, you may want to read this first:

    Just for clarity, this is a vertical cycle:


    Also, horizontal cycles can be multicoloured, you know? Think the Charms of Ravnica or Commands Tarkir for instance ;)


  • Well. Cool.

    I just forget these things exist you know?
  • Also when you guys post you can use 20% on the image size to fit all five in one row. That way I can easily look at all of them.
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