Color Blind

What if Nicol Bolas was Bant.
Or Nissa was black.

I challenge you to do just that. Make a version of a card as a different color.

For example:

You must change color (I'd prefer if you make them as different, but similar to the original). You should change name, colors its mana cost but not the converted mana cost (Don't add X), creature type, rules text, and flavor text (but only slightly).

The rules text and name should be as close to the original concept as possible. For my example, Indestructible is a white thing and deathtouch is a black thing. Sunmare triggers off of gaining of life and my card triggers off of loss of life.

They are both five mana (the colorless is the same, but the white is now black), five power, and five toughness.

Limit three entries.

1st will be favorited, I'll follow the cardsmith, and I favorite a card of their choice.

2nd will be favorited and I'll follow the cardsmith.

3rd will be favorited.

Ends 9/30/18


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