What Needs To Be Added To Cardsmith

What I have put down so far:
- Dual Colored legendary frames
- Khans of Tarkir Watermarks
- Dragons of Tarkir Watermarks
- Unstable Watermarks
- Planeswalker Emblem Maker
- Dual Colored Planeswalker frames
- More Set Logos
- Transforming Card Maker
- Split Card Maker
- Kamigawa Flip Card Maker
- Card set emblem Maker
- Theros Enchantment creature frames
- Full art land Maker
- 4 Ability planewalker option.
- "can be your Commander" Planeswalker option.
- Dual color artifact legendary frames
- Legendary Enchantment creature frames
- Dual color legendary Enchantment creature frames.
- Saga card maker


  • Colored legendary artifacts (art. creatures included)
  • It's pretty easy to make full art lands. Just make fullsized tokens. Same thing goes for emblems, just use the regular token maker.

    Those two aside, almost all of these are on MTGCS's list of things to do, especially the planeswalker ones. However, there's a lot of complications that'll arise with a lot of these, and put a lot of stress on the site's coding, especially when you consider some of these will demand two arts, two text boxes, etc. The split, transform, and flip card ones are all solved by making two separate cards and linking them to one another.
  • Don't hold your breath for DFCs and split cards. If you want them, just do as Lujikul says. Also, Sagas probably won't happen.

    But if we're on the topic of watermarks, maybe some of the A25 ones could be added?
  • What’s A25?
  • Masters 25 - all the set symbol ones.
  • better text options. just the ability to choose font size instead of big and small would be great
  • We have most of these down on our "Pseudo-To-Do List"


    Check that out as well!
  • A development staff of 3-4 devs and full time graphic artist. *begins sweating...*
  • @mtgcardsmith, have you considered hiring some more people as like interns or something?
  • Thank you guys so much for the support so far! I hope these changes will soon come in the future
  • For now, we just wait for the admins of cardsmith to acknowledge this forum and begin adding these features. I hope to gain more support to increase the chances of these changes.
  • @KanekiDemon, they are well aware of what we want, but it takes time to program these things and more time to encorporate them. Be understanding...
  • Wow guys! It looks like some of the stuff we asked for actually was added! thank all of you for the support on this!
  • They already were. I had contacted Grant in advance of this happening. Almost everything on this list had already been directly address in a one on one conversation. Programming and implementation takes time.
  • Were working on it*
  • @Ranshi922 Thank you so much for the help!
  • Your welcome! I love the site and I would hate to see it lose out to one of the newer ones. For that reason I try and inform Grant mostly of the little thing because the big things are obvious.
  • {2/w}{2/u}{2/b}{2/r}{2/g} <- as mana cost options.
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