Creppy Crawlies! (Contest) Circuit Challenge!

Look, I'll be honest I hate bugs in real life. They terrify and annoy me.

But this MTG so who cares?

I haven't done a contest in a while so I thought it would be nice to give it a whirl again!

Your challenge is to make an Insect/Spider/Any other bugs etc. cards!

Some rules first!
1.) One entry per cardsmith, sorry it's just easier to count. It's a One Card lock-in

2.) Let's keep the cards serious for this one.

3.)Artist name is preferred.

4.) I only judge Cardsmith cards

5.) Have some fun!

Now go out here any fuel my arachnophobia!

Top Three and Honorable Mentions will receive Circuit Points!

Deadline for this contest is September 22nd, this is still subject to change. New deadline is September 25th


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