Colonisers of Astraliastra



  • So there was a planeswalker, Zangpu, who saw the barbarians and decided that he/she/it (who knows yet) would teach the barbarians how to become more technologically savvy. Zangpu told them many stories about other planes that had been explored and how Zangpu was a planeswalker. Then one day the Balinians decided to test out a new theory on how to traverse the multiverse for non-planeswalkers i.e. them. They kind forgot to ask Zangpu for permission and there was a little bit of a scuffle but they maaged to knock Zangpu and focused the spark in one area of Zangpu's body: the heart. The Balinians took then ripped the heart of the planeswalker out of the body and into a core. Over the next few years they experimented with the heart (with only a few dozen deaths!) and eventually the Balinians understood enough about the spark that they believed they could successfully traverse the multiverse in ships (They tried without ships. It did not all.) Using the planeswalker's heart as the mothership's core they've effectively cheated their way into travelling the multiverse. There are still some kinks (there's about a 40% chance they turn up at the wrong plane- although that number doesn't factor in any drunk Balinians- and a mere 15% chance that part of the ship blows up) and one of two of the crazier Balinians claim that the heart seems very angry and is actually doing this maliciously, intentionally sending the Balinians into dangerous situations. Don't know why Zangpu would be angry... be a shame if this planeswalker has any vengeful friends.
  • Not bad at all, I say!
    They have a great chance of winning this!

    Also, the vengeful friends of Zangpu will probably not show up. Probably.

    We have now reached 8 contenders. If anyone else joins, we will have to eliminate someone. We can only wonder how the events will play out
  • Anyone wanna join?.. Only a week left!
  • båmp bämp bömp!
  • Hey, @Jonteman93 ! Welcome to my humble contestabode! Interested in joining?
  • @HeroKP I have been thinking of it but I have so many other projects in the air with the planeswalker's journey and some story work at the tournament of champions 2 so I doubt I have time sadly.
  • @Jonteman93 That's ok! I already have enough players anyway! :)

    Wish you luck on those other projects! :D
  • We're starting soon guys!!!!
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    Well, okey-dokey!

    The following empires have arrived onto the the plane:


    *The Haavingard Dwarves!*



    *The Elemental Kingdom!*



    *The Forsaken Angels!*



    *The Sorcerers of Ratha!*



    *The Anserian Empire!*



    *The United Kingdom of Zalania*



    *Nya's Laryk Club!* (I'm sorry. You didn't give the faction a name, and I couldn't resist)



    *The Balinian Corporation!*


    We are going to have huge contests with like chunks of story, and I'll make a map of the plane too, but we'll start of with a simple one.

    Introducing, personalised challenges! :


    Create an advisor for Lord Kagrin!

    AGGROMAN15 -

    Create an instant or sorcery that signifies an elemental being created!


    Create a token creator for angels!


    Create a beast card for your empire. Just, any animal!


    Create something with haste and flying!

    SANJAYA666 -

    Create a card with "God save the queen" in the title or the flavor text! #NotRacismJustComedy #ILoveBritain

    BOBMAN111 -

    Create a card with deathtouch (I'm sorry once again. You're a very talented creator so I'm sure you can manage making a green/white card with deathtouch!)

    FMS -

    Do a barrel roll! (No, literally, make a card called "Barrel Roll")

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    Lanek, Kagrin's most trusty advisor, and a great help in this new and difficult situation.
  • Winning this warm-up contest won't give you an advantage straight away, but will come in handy later!
  • Also, I wanted to point out, there will be new contests every few days. It's not mandatory to participate in all, but will significantly make your chances better!
  • @HeroKP Can the cards be old cards, or do you have to make them new? Also, I'm pretty sure I made one of these when showing the magic my kingdom used.
  • @Aggroman15 You can, if you really want to, but I'd prefer originals.
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    The beast has been summoned! Bascially. Since the sorcerers prefer to cast spells instead of fight with swords, they need something to hold off the enemy with while doing so:

  • I'm going to be away for two days so here's my entry before I go ;)


    The Forsaken Angels tend to make very drastic choices, often flirting with defeat, as they see the future and are therefore always confident they will win eventually.
  • @HeroKP I assume I'm too late to throw my hand in?
  • @Latinas , unfortunately, yes, BUT DON'T GO YET!

    I thought of a thing just for people like you - the sidekick programm!

    Reach out to one of the contestants that DID make it in, and if they give you permission, you can make cards together, and partially share the victory!

    If you don't want that, then there will probably be a Part 2 coming out after this contest is finished.
  • I think there's an argument to be made that I got one of the harder challenges, and I was really tempted to pull a "Schmera Schmangel" and just slap the keywords on it since they're technically justified and call it a day.

    Though the Anserian magicks do enable defying death, for some, the process is more grisly than one might like.

    It doesn't constantly have flying but I hope this is okay?
  • @Lujikul That would be absolutely fine! :) I did give you one of the harder challenges, but you are one of the more seasoned creators to join this contest!
  • Also, that art is just disgusting. I love it! XD
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    Ok! I guess that I'll be making another card representing the creation of elementals. Here goes!


    Last time it was the creation of an Earth elemental, but now it is the creation of a Water elemental. Variety!
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