Spam Wave

For those who somehow do not know, many cards are being hit by comments such as these:


This has been going on for a while now and I've never seen anything like it here before. Most of them have been flagged and deleted even on one of my own cards. These are not something people want to see when they get comments on their cards they spent precious time on.


  • I agree with @TenebrisNemo. It's been really surprising to me that no one spoke up yet about this until now. Can anything be done to stop this?
  • @sorinjace - What we should do right now is to flag these spam comments whenever we see them, but I do not know if we can do anything to stop new comments from appearing.
  • They usually come like a swarm and then disappear for a while, it's not the first time it happens unfortunately :/ I don't think there's much we can do except flag them.
  • I've been working on them for the past two days, but I've had a lot of overtime at work. Tonight I'll continue purging them from the site! I don't have work for two days! It'll be just me and the Ban Hammer!
  • @Corwinnn - The god of squirrels shall smite them with his Ban Hammer!
  • In about 3 hours the smiting shall commence!
    ...and there will be much rejoicing!
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    @Corwinnn Almighty, his will be done!

  • @Corwinnn Stop.
    Hammer time!!

    Is there something we others can do to speed up the cleansing?
    Does the flagging help or does it only mark the comment for administrative check control?
  • flagging helps!
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    I flagged six comments on two cards. I hate spam stuff, especially lewd spam like this.
  • Whew! I'm just gonna set this here for now...
  • @Corwinnn - Well, since this issue has been talked through, may you close this discussion and ride the lightning to the sunset, you glorious squirrel?
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