Pep in your Energetic Step

Energy. A fun little mechanic we’ve only seen once and sadly hasn’t been used since Kaladesh (though with reason). I’ve tried making a deck around it and running it well, but in most cases, I can’t seem to do it right. So! Solution? Make custom cards to imagine it’s… hm… Okay okay, this is boring. Let’s mix it up some!


Pretend you could pick one plane in magic and cluster it with Aether the way it is on Kaladesh. Then imagine the results and reactions from this. That’s your challenge. Take a plane from magic, one plane (so be careful!) and make cards that make energy counters, benefit from them, etc etc.

Now despite this, there do need to be some rules, so here they are.
Only one plane per person! You can’t span across planes. You can do all the symbols from that plane (You could use Innistrad and Eldritch Moon symbols both as they’re both from Innistrad)
No card max. I don’t care how many cards you make, but I ask, please choose quality over quantity. And don’t blow this up.
No Kaladeshian cards!!! I get it, that would be easy and it gives you ideas but… well, I’m sorry. That’d be way to easy. No cards from Kaladesh.

Other than that, we just need some rules and times and we’ll be done…

One month! You have one month to do this. Meaning, it’ll end on October 11th. So roughly a month I guess, but eh.

And for prizes, you shall receive…

1st - 5 Favorites of your choice and a follow
2nd - 3 Favorites of your choice and one of my choice
3rd - 2 Favorites of your choice and one of my choice
Two honorable mentions will be chosen, each will get one favorite of choice and one of my choice

EDIT: Because I'm so in love with the set being made by our people here, Rezzata (check it out) you can make cards 'from' that if you want to. I'd love to see them! If you don't have promo, use the Kaladesh symbol. It'd work as a back up/fill in, but comment on it that you did so.


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  • Can I post old cards?
  • I use the city of brass set symbol lots, but I dont know jack about the plane itself, so... is it just about the set symbol
  • It's about the set itself. And yes, old cards are permitted.
  • ooh. Can I still submit my samus cards?
  • I... believe so. So long as they follow the challenge guidelines, heh.
  • Looking back I meant, yes it's mostly plane based, but if you use all of one set symbol, it can work. Depends how you do it.
  • Bc I only used the CoB symbol bc if you look for it u can see a Metroid
  • Mm. Well, sorry to say but, I don't know of a plane attached to it. Probably isn't workable for this due to that.
  • ok... I will just pretend as though she were part of the izzet, being she has tech stuff and is a red blue.
  • -Shrugs-
    Comment that she's from Return to Ravnica and there yah go.
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    Interesting, @Shadow29870 give me some time to think of the planes I'd like to use with this. My own custom set symbol is here now as well thanks to @Faiths_Guide and @Dechujoh64 (though the set symbol was intended for what I believe to be a prize for Dechujoh, he wanted to create a 3 in 1 set symbol of my custom set I had worked on, which is a 3 set block that I started then abandoned, then worked on again, the 1st of the block is called Sagara Undersiege.)

    Sagara is the planes name, so the 3 in 1 set symbol for this site... well the idea confused me at 1st when Dechujoh told me about it. To me it's like they crammed avacyn restored, dark ascension and Innistrad set symbols all into one. It's not what I would have picked, but however I am very thankful Dechujoh and faiths did this, so I've had ideas of what to do with it, and i came up with this set symbol is for promotional purposes, like all the extra characters in the storyline that didn't get made for the 3 set block but are still apart of it. This gives the Sagara Unbound set symbol purpose. Sorry so long!!

    Anyways, if used for the set, Sagara's mana/aether/energy mainly comes from the large vast oceans of Sagara, the water generators that fuel the rest of the planes. So having energy counters there, wow. That'd be different, but it could work! Sagara is a beautiful very colorful tropical looking place that is normally at peace. So much so when Skullbrander invaded Sagara, they where ill prepared to deal with him and his army of half pirate skeletons (if your lost, go look at old cards of mine some of these names such as Skullbrander and chul have cards in my collection for them, and Aryanf has cards of her own in Sagara's 2nd set its on her profile in a folder. I have to recreate some still, such as the wise dragon that protects the skies of Sagara, Sheyonne (pronounced she-yone-nay.) I can't wait to recreate him. He was one of my 1st cards i made on mtgcardsmith that wasn't derp. Chul is like the avacyn of Sagara, she is a Merfolk that protects and rules from the oceans of Sagara. She is very concerned about protecting the water generators when Skullbrander invaded Sagara (how he got there has its own story too, quick version, he got greedy and arrogant, thought he could take on nichol bolas for his power, and got his butt handed to him, he flees, and ends up on Sagara. There is reasons why he is there as well though it isn't a mistake.
  • Hehe, good to hear it lad. I'd love to see that. Also! If you could spread this some, as you're more well known, that'd be appreciated.
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    All my cards are set in Dominaria, the distant past. My entries depict the once mighty Thran Empire, master artificers and forgers of powerstones. I approached the design of energy in the context of the Thran as them wanting to have a lot of energy at once and have rewards for having large amounts of energy rather than cards that individually spend small amounts of energy as typically seen in kaldesh.

    1) Some powerstones:

    2) Creatures:

    3) The Fall of the Thran:

    4) The Thran Capitol:
  • It might just be me, but when I saw Thrumming Powerstone, I saw Electric Dust from the show RWBY. Thanks for making my crappy day less crappy, @bnew07!
  • @bnew07 ... Dude, I saw insidious plague and I was wondering what it was for earlier. Now I see and DANG dude! I love this.
  • @Ranshi922 glad you enjoyed it!

    @Shadow29870 it does make more sense with context haha glad u like it!
  • Indeed! I love some story with le entries.
  • Bumb of the four days
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    Hm. You people REALLY should get some coffee. It may help!
  • Lol, I completely forogt
  • @Shadow29870, I feel like you should lift the thing about not being on Kaladesh. Harnessing Aether the way they did there was something unique, being that it’s how they have power when almost every mage is incarcerated.
  • I somehow only JUST got the notification for that @Ranshi922. I understand your reasoning, but... well, the entire reason for the challenge is to spread such a thing beyond Kaladesh.
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    Also! This... as I've forgotten about it and there aren't many entries, get's another month or so. So it'll end on November 11th.
  • @Shadow29870, not for nothing, but I am very busy and while I like the concept of spreading energy to other planes from a strory standpoint, if it won’t be on Kaladesh, I likely won’t be able to contribute. I have an entire deck to make out of cards that don’t necessarily exist.
  • It's all good @Ranshi922, I understand lad. Thanks though.
  • You're welcome?
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