La’akea Creative Design (An RPG In Disguise)

Hey everybody, this is Tezzeret. I haven’t been making cards much because my life is annoying right now, but my friend and I are making (or trying to make) a custom set called La'akea. The mechanics are doing well, but I'm trying to develop the creative design... and that is where YOU come in!

I want you guys to come up with some fan-planeswalker RPG characters. You don't have to make cards, just type their names, a short bio, and their reason for coming to La'akea.

Here's the backstory of La'akea.

- In my corner of the lore, there was an event called the Great Aether Storm.
Shortly after the (as yet unconcluded) battle on Ravnica, a nameless plane ruptured. The plane, and all the life on it, was destroyed. It created a disturbance in the Aether that rippled through the multiverse. Beings were scattered from plane to plane. It was hell as you could never imagine - Elesh Norn's Phyrexians fighting Kessig trackers from Innistrad and Theros soldiers. A planeswalker named Hal Greensmith sacrifices his spark, and all of the beings are returned to their normal planes - except on one.

- La'akea still has beings from other planes.
A samurai that once served under General Konda becomes a merchant captain. Elves from the Llanowar forest make a living selling all manner of things. Skirsdag cultists fit right in with the cultists on Hawalo Island.

But now more about the plane...
- La'akea has three main islands and underwater towns.
Kalepa Island - the main island, which has a (supposedly) dormant volcano, a port, and a small forest. The island port, Kalepa City, is a thriving hub for commerce.
Hawalo Island - chiefly covered in murky swamps to the east, with scattered villages on top of plains to the west. The swamps are frequented by cultists who terrorize the villagers.
Nahelehele Island - an enormous island covered in forests with rocky plains. Mainly unexplored.
Merfolk towns - The merfolk live underwater, harvesting underwater plants and pearls, going ashore on Kalepa, and selling them. The merfolk are peaceful, and they can grant people the ability to breathe underwater.

So if you want to participate, just send a message below! This is mainly free-roaming.


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