Create-a-Cycle Challenge!

Cycles contain some of the most iconic cards in Magic's history. The Titan cycle, the Core 2019 Mare cycle, the Urza land cycle, the flipwalker cycle from Origins, the check land/fast land/shock land/fetch land/etc. cycles, the Ravnica set cycles (all 100 billion of them)... yeah, cycles are awesome.
But! Designing cycles can be quite difficult. Finding an effect, then finding a way to translate that effect to five different colored cards... it is a tough thing to do.
So naturally, this is exactly the task I want you to undertake!

1. A "cycle" is defined in this contest as a set of five cards of different colors or color combinations that are linked somehow, whether it be by abilities or by something else (e.g. transforming into planeswalkers). It can be any card type.
2. You can submit up to two different cycles in this contest.
3. You must post all five cards in a single comment and say how they are linked. For example, "Frog Cycle: These cards are all Frogs with an activated ability for 2N, where N is an allied color of the Frog's color."

Your cards will be judged on mechanics, flavor, balance, and cohesiveness of the cycle (Does it feel like a cycle? Or is it just five random cards?). I am a Melvin-Vorthos-Johnny, and I appreciate a good cycle, so impress me.
NOTE: I take misuse of watermarks VERY seriously. If you put a Rakdos watermark on a card named Olivia, Bloodlady of Innistrad, I will be far less likely to choose your cycle. Only use watermarks on the appropriate cards. It is a pet peeve of mine when people do this.

1st place - Follow and 5 faves, or 9 faves if I'm following you. Plus you get to select 1 Honorable Mention.
2nd place - Follow and 3 faves, or 7 faves if I'm following you.
3rd place - Follow and 1 fave, or 5 faves if I'm following you.
Honorable Mention (1 selected by 1st place, 1 selected by moi) - 3 faves.
I'm normally a very stingy favorite-giver, so count yourselves lucky! :P

The contest will end October 18th. Results will be posted October 21st, my birthday.
Good luck, happy smithing, and may your cycles be more balanced than the Urza lands!


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