Murkletins' custom cards (For DIY tournament)

Hello fellow cardsmiths, this thread is designed to help myself compile my needed custom cards for the DIY tournament. I'd appreciate any feedback given on posted cards.

Required Cards List:
Aristocrat, creature (1/2)
Sacrificer, creature (0/3)
Draw, creature (0/2)
Nonland_Removal, instant (0/3)
Sacrifice_Tutor, instant (0/1)
Diabolic Intent, sorcery (0/1)
Barter in Blood, sorcery (0/1)

Posted cards:
These will be posted at 20% size for convenience as linked images.

I'd also appreciate any ideas for artwork. For each piece you suggest, I'll give you a favorite. If I use it, I'll give you another favorite.

Happy smithing!


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