Unable to find Token options

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Hey there :)
New to the site. I am unable to find token options.
Are they part of the membership plan? or are they non-existent?


  • Welcome to the site!

    Last I checked, there was a make token option free to everyone under the make card tab.
  • it is just in sore need of an update XD
  • @ThomKrone

    Tokens are possible--See This--and can be made to look decent (as I believe the one below does), but the token maker isn't the best. It is difficult to do some things, and impossible to do others. For example--see the card linked below--it isn't possible to add "Legendary" to the type, so I elected to spell it out in the rules text.

  • When you click "Create New Card" at the top of the main page it gives you two token options "Full Art" and "Standard"
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