The Great Cardsmith Designer Search-- Stage 0 (Gathering Entrants)

Greetings Cardsmiths!

This is the first stage in a months long mega-challenge called The Great Cardsmith Designer Search (GCDS)!

This will be a series of competitive challenges in the style of WOTC’s Great Designer Searches that will test your design, development, and creative chops.

Mechanical Color Pie:




The structure for the GDCS is as follows:
Stage 0: Gather Entrants
Stage 1: Design Challenge
**Cut to Top 8**
Stages 2 – 5: Single Elimination Challenges
Stage 6: Three Cardsmith Final

Each stage will be a 7-day long challenge, followed by an approximately 3-day judging period. That means that the entire contest will take approximately 60 days and factoring in the typical delays that occur, will likely end sometime in the month of December.

Everyone who wants to enter can participate in the Design Challenge, but only the 8 Cardsmiths who submit the best cards will be able to participate in the subsequent stages.

One cardsmith will be eliminated after each of stages 2-5, until only 3 remain to battle it out for the final in Stage 6.

Challenge Details
I will post a new thread for each individual stage, at which time the details and prompt for that stage will be revealed.

Challenges will be similar to actual GDS challenges but for the most part will not be direct repeats. Each stage will require approximately 5 individual card submissions with some variance.

I understand this contest is a big commitment, so for each Top 8 Cardsmith they will earn a total of 3 days “delay time” banked for the entirety of the tournament. If you need an extension for your submission, I will delay judging the amount of days (24 hours) you request. You can request 1 x 3 day extension, 3 distinct 1 - day extensions, or some other integer combination. In order to use your delay time, message me with the amount of days (1, 2, 3) you would like to use before the judging deadline has passed. Your delay will only apply to your entries for that stage. You may use no more than one instance of delay time for each stage. When a delay occurs, I will announce it in the thread.

I will be judging each and every challenge and providing feedback similar to what was done in the GDS3. For the design test, only the top 8 will receive feedback, but other than that each and every individual card throughout the GCDS will get detailed commentary.

As usual with my challenges, anyone will be able to message me for additional feedback on their entries.

The Cardsmith with the weakest overall submission each round will be eliminated, with the exception of the final round where some weighting (Amount TBD) will go to performance in previous stages.

All entrants to the design challenge will get at least one card of my choice from their submission faved.

For each stage, a top 3 will be crowned. They will receive:
1st Place: 3 faves of your choice.
2nd Place: 2 faves of your choice.
3rd Place: 1 fave of your choice.

When a Cardsmith is eliminated from the top 8, they will receive:
4th Place: 8 faves of your choice.
5th Place: 7 faves of your choice.
6th Place: 6 faves of your choice.
7th Place: 5 faves of your choice.
8th Place: 4 faves of your choice.

And the top 3 competitors will be rewarded as follows:
1st Place: 30 faves of your choice and 3 month premium.
2nd Place: 20 faves of your choice and 2 months premium.
3rd Place: 10 faves of your choice and 1 month premium.

If you are interested in joining this likely 2-3 month-long challenge, please indicate it in the thread below. I ask that would-be participants only sign up if they can commit to submitting approximately 5 cards to a strict set of guidelines every week for the next 2-3 months.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them.


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