Competition: The New Wave!

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Following the epic showdown on Ravnica, we will be seeing the end of the 'Gatewatch' story-line. Here's hoping Bolas triumphs and the Gatewatch all perish horribly (I'm joking, but only slightly).

The question is, who will the Magic story follow after our heroes have won/died/decided Bolas wasn't so bad after all? That's where you come in.

I want you to create a new flip-walker. That means a legendary creature that transforms into a planeswalker. You have a few restrictions -

- It must be mono-coloured.
- You may post up to five entries, but may not post more than one of the same colour.
- Post both halves of the card in the same comment.
- Post a little explanatory lore for your character (I'm not looking for paragraphs, just a brief backstory. If anything, brevity is the soul of wit.)

Winner - Five favourites of your choice, a spot in the hall of fame and a follow.
Second - Four favourites of your choice and a spot in the hall of fame.
Third - Three favourites of your choice.

I'll be judging your entries based on the cohesiveness of flavour (how well your card's mechanics ties to the backstory) and coolness of idea. The competition closes on the first of November. To start you off, here's an example:

Desiring a lieutenant to serve him following the demise of Josu Vess, Belzenlok began the creation of a demonic apprentice. At the time of his death, Malak was only half completed. Without the black mana Belzenlok had been feeding him, the fledgling demon was starved and went on a ravenous rampage through Urborg, devouring its inhabitants, Malak consumed many, many souls, including that of a person with a latent planeswalker spark. The spark ignited too late for its owner, but because Malak had consumed it, it granted him the power of planeswalking.



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