Competition: The New Wave!

Following the epic showdown on Ravnica, we will be seeing the end of the 'Gatewatch' story-line. Here's hoping Bolas triumphs and the Gatewatch all perish horribly (I'm joking, but only slightly).

The question is, who will the Magic story follow after our heroes have won/died/decided Bolas wasn't so bad after all? That's where you come in.

I want you to create a new flip-walker. That means a legendary creature that transforms into a planeswalker. You have a few restrictions -

- It must be mono-coloured.
- You may post up to five entries, but may not post more than one of the same colour.
- Post both halves of the card in the same comment.
- Post a little explanatory lore for your character (I'm not looking for paragraphs, just a brief backstory. If anything, brevity is the soul of wit.)

Winner - Five favourites of your choice, a spot in the hall of fame and a follow.
Second - Four favourites of your choice and a spot in the hall of fame.
Third - Three favourites of your choice.

I'll be judging your entries based on the cohesiveness of flavour (how well your card's mechanics ties to the backstory) and coolness of idea. The competition closes on the first of November. To start you off, here's an example:

Desiring a lieutenant to serve him following the demise of Josu Vess, Belzenlok began the creation of a demonic apprentice. At the time of his death, Malak was only half completed. Without the black mana Belzenlok had been feeding him, the fledgling demon was starved and went on a ravenous rampage through Urborg, devouring its inhabitants, Malak consumed many, many souls, including that of a person with a latent planeswalker spark. The spark ignited too late for its owner, but because Malak had consumed it, it granted him the power of planeswalking.



  • OOH! Awesome! I will definitely be entering this once I create a card.
  • I am having flashbacks to Cardsmith Origins...
  • (frankly tho i think theyll then follow, sarkhan, vivien, tezzeret, ajani, and (was liliana the m19?).
  • wish I could join, can’t make planeswalkers on mobile .
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    An elf born on a plane devastated by a bloody war, Lindara dedicated herself to the bringing of peace. She soon learnt to manipulate mana to calm and pacify. She spent years working towards her goal and almost accomplished it. However a warlord, unhappy with the ending of the conflict, ordered her assassination. Lindara planeswalker spark ignited seconds before her death. She made it her mission to bring peace to as many planes as she could.

  • I'm having issues with creating planeswalkers as well much like @saveria201, but if I can find a computer that will allow me to create a Planeswalker for this contest, then I'm definitely game! I thought about a character I've already made, but never thought of the after story of the gate watch... I'll probably create a new character for this, idk.
  • @sorinjace, don't you go to a library?
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    I did @Ranshi922, and I found out their computers doesn't allow you to save pictures to them. I'd have to hit up a different library then the one I've been going to, either that or ask @Dechujoh64 if I can make a Planeswalker for @Undead's contest using his laptop.
  • @sorinjace, all libraries are like that! Invest in a flash drive. All of my cards Ive ever made, the images used, and a plethory of unused images takes up 2 GB.
  • @Ranshi922 The ones at the main library let you save them to the computer, then once your session was up it refreshed and deleted saved stuff from the previous session.

    The main is closed for 10 months due to renovations so we have to go around town to use the library until then.
  • Ztilfa is a Jeskai efreet born during the timeline of Fate Reforged. She was a skilled bloodfire warrior and a passionate practitioner of red mana. Her desire was always for more magnificent spells, cascading after one another in harmony. But when the Khanfall began and she witnessed Shu’yun sacrifice the bloodfire ways for the survival of her people, the thought of denying who she was was worse than survival without true freedom. Her pain caused her spark to ignite, and she has not returned to Tarkir since.


    Vin Mari is a vedalken who who calls the streets of Ravnica home. They sell trinkets among the gateless, and have a knack for trading and dealing to their own profit. When the worldspine worm erupts in the city, destroying their stall, their wares, and their life's work, their spark ignited. Now, Vin Mari travels the multiverse looking for exotic goods to trade in faraway places, always searching for the best deal.

  • Okay, I guess it's time to close this competition.
  • Not many entries for this one, but it didn't make the judging any easier, let me tell you. Alright, here goes.

    3rd: by @bnew07
    There were only three entries, so technically I like this one the least. It is awesome, however and if we'd had more entries I'd definitely have valued it highly. I like that it's both an enabler and a reward for casting a tonne of spells.

    2nd: by @jadeor
    My problem with some planeswalkers is that they seem to just have three random abilities that don't really add together into anything cohesive flavour wise. Take any three Chandras, for example, and you can mix and match their abilities at will and they all still sort of make sense. What I really like about Lindara is how focused all of her abilities are to conveying the fact that she aims to bring peace.

    1st: by @bnew07
    The reason this one is my definite top spot is because the flavour is absolutely amazing and it feels like it's doing something no blue planeswalker has done before. The way the abilities of the second half compliment each other... well, needless to say I could nerd out about it all day.

    There are the winners! @bnew07 I already follow you, however you did win both first and third place, so you can 8 favourites of your choice.
  • Darn. I only saw this today, it looked like so much fun!
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