(FoS) Fateshifted Mechanics #2 and a Half: Watch It Burn!

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Hello everyone. I’m finally glad to say that even though my internet situation is still Squee’d up, I can now be more active on the site! Once again, I have come up with Fateshifted mechanics for my not-so-dormant casual multiplayer set Fall of Smiths! As the multiverse spirals into chaos, different events from different timelines clash, and as such, many mechanics make an appearance in the set, some from MTG’s past, some from fellow Cardsmiths, and some “fateshifted” mechanics never seen before...

The Challenge: Make one, two, or three cards using the Fateshifted mechanic Burn from my casual set Fall of Smiths!

Burn is... pretty much a counterpart to scry. Unlike scry which appears dominantly in blue with some red, burn appears dominantly in red with some blue.

How to Use: Burn N (Exile the top N cards of your library, then draw N cards.)

I can’t wait to see what smiths do with this! And remember: All entries I like get a favorite, and the best cards might get added to the set!


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    Since I’m on my tablet, I can’t make a card, but here’s a card mock-up utilizing Burn. The card itself will come next time I can get on the internet on my PC.

    Barcurn Mage

    Creature - Nekomimi Mage

    [blue cost]: Scry 2

    [red cost]: Burn 2
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    Another card blueprint. I'll be able to make a card eventually...

    Burn the Pages - 2rr


    Choose a player. That player must burn 7 if able.
  • I actually planned on doing one when i first saw it, but i kiinda forgot about it until now. Anyway, here it is:

  • Wow... I haven’t checked this in forever...

    @Vardrus Now THAT’S a card I’d use in my spell deck!
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