Let's Be Real For A Moment...

Some of you might've seen the thread "The Confession" where I admitted to being suicidal for the past few months. I don't want to rehash that. But if you want to read that, the link will be below.

The point of this is we post cards here that have a deeper context... something symbolic, or with a flavor that glimpses the dark parts of your life. I am asking for honesty and vulnerability. Through such openness we will all grow closer as a community.



  • @sorinjace, this is where you can put those support cards!
  • Ok, I'll do that later I have to get breakfast then meet up with @Aryanf then go off to work, I'll post some later here for ya @Ranshi922.
  • I have breakfast too! Ttyl
  • Ok wtf lol.
  • @sanjaya666, that seems like an appropriate reaction.
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    These are all the cards that have an immediate meaning of reality, painful though it is, that I have made...
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    I often find myself a puppet to my whimsy. I go with what it beckons, like a lantern... Only when I actively take charge of the situation can I get things done. When I go do whatever, I am unable to do, hence the freeze, and when I do choose and stay focused and working, I do great things; one might say reach new heights, hence the flying buff.
  • I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to post cards here @Ranshi922 I'll post some asap when I get a chance to sit down when I'm not running around or working or with Aryanf
  • Ok. Don’t worry, Corey, I might always know what’s up but I always have a good understanding.
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    So now we're exploiting suicidal feelings for likes on cards? Boy, things sure have changed since I last logged in.

    Edit: This should probably be locked. At best it's shilling for favorites and at worst it's a really desperate and dangerous attempt to get validation.
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    @strongbelieves, Jesus christ, youre misreading the situation. I want to be open and honest and cards are something to look at.
  • @strongbelieves
    Yeah, I have to side with @Ranshi922 here. I really don't see this as or think it was an attempt to get favorites.
  • You need to be careful about sharing such issues online methinks. Sharing such personal struggles with family and friends face to face is better. They can immediately help you. Whereas venting online may not relieve the burden since people aren't beholden to help you, may not react charitably, or your feelings may get exacerbated. That's just my opinion....
  • I’m weird because I need to get things out, but when people like my family try to console and they worry it makes me feel burdensome, hence online where most people don’t give a damn. @everyone, can we stop posting here. I want to see cards that you made with a deep meaning, so PM me of you ever want to talk about the deeper story or just need someone to chat with. I will reply quickly, because I always have this site on in the background. @Corwinnn, please close this.
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