Alright! I am a fan of RWBY through and through! I love the imagery, themes, premise; the whole enchilada! I now know that @Lujikul has watched RWBY as well, and seems to like it! So there are also probably more of you!

Season 6 is being released in theaters on the 25th and to the internet on the 27th!

I want all fans of RWBY to show your love for the series by making cards based on characters, weapons, semblances, regions, & the many applications of dust!

I want this to continue at least to the web premiere and if we can, make stuff about season 6 as episodes are released! Prizes will be awarded when this is done!

Prizes will likely include favorites and follows, and maybe things of monetary value if this contest gets big enough.

Get to it!!!!

PS: I am sharing this thread with Barbara "Punkelman" Dunkelman, Kara Eberle, Arryn Zech, Lindsay Jones, Miles Luna, Samantha Ireland, Vic Mignogna, Shannon McCormick, Michael Jones, Jen Brown, Neath Oum, Jessica Nigri, etc. You get the idea. I am going to be sharing the thread with everyone I can think of who works on the show on twitter! No pressure!


  • I have already started tweeting, but I have to get lunch!
  • edited October 5
    I couldn't not participate, so I've started with cards for some of the more popular Grimm, all drawn by the skilled RJ Palmer! ( )

  • I'm going to try to not look at this thread too much, as I have only seen the first season or so, and there may be spoilers. But this seems really cool nonetheless!
  • What show is this?
  • RWBY. It is a web-series/show produced by Rooster Teeth.
  • @Lujikul Aren't Grimm always black? Even if they have like red or green traits, they should be at least also black.
  • @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos
    I considered it, but decided that they can get away with being in jund's slice in general since it's the predatory color, and I'm trying to avoid being too obvious with some design choices. Plus, black is very pragmatic and self serving and often has a goal of ultimate power. Most Grimm we see (with a few potential exceptions) aren't intelligent enough for that.
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