Second Hand Challenge 2

Welcome to the -Second- Second Hand Challenge where we create an edited version of a completed challenge that is closed.

This Challenge will be the Create-A-God Challenge:

1-10: Creativity of use of creature types. (Legendary Enchantment Creature, Legendary Artifact Creature, Etc. )
1-5: Creativity of mechanics and abilities.
1-10 Balance of card. (Should be able to be used in a competitive level, but not dominate any format.)
1-10: Creativity (Originality, Humor, Connections)

Create a god based card.
Joke cards allowed but no absolutely ridiculous cards
New Cards Only

Have fun creating your cards

Due Friday November 2nd


  • How wonderful... I had just last night planned out a mono black god.
  • So does this mean your back and not going to skip town again @pjbear2005? @Aryanf and I was wondering where you went! Good to see you back. This contest idea is already a thing though, reactivate contests have been on here for awhile now. Do you need some ideas/suggestions for contests? It seems like you might need some ideas you can branch off of.
  • @sorinjace
    The main purpose of reactivation challenge is to resolve an unresolved challenge. So submissions in the original thread are also judged.
    If I understand it correctly, this challenge is about rebooting closed challenges, and only new submissions are judged.
  • @Tomigon ah ok was a little confused there, thanks for making that more clear.
  • Contest ends tommorow.
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