Commander Set

I'm making some custom commander stuff for my local game store and I need some help so lets make some commander stuff!

What I have:
4 of the 6 Commanders.
Random cards for decks
4 of the 6 Deck Ideas

What I need:
More cards
2 more Deck Ideas/ Commanders
Card Organization

Deck Ideas:

Enchanting Ideas-
(I know there isn't any point in both hexproof and shroud)

Tinkering Plans-

Pretty Colors-

Deceitful Destruction-

Any help and insight would be appreciated


  • I’d be happy to help in ways I can!
  • Sultai Marchesa seems excessively brutal if you can stay on top. I'd recommend having a friendly commander somewhere in there. Like, one that doesn't say "kill me now."
  • So @pjbear2005 you need us to say what the cards we make for you are for which commander deck? I think I got a couple of ideas!!

    Also, can we submit older cards as well?
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    @Lujikul I was planning on making a revamped Pheldagrif (Because I got the greek promo of the one from planechase) or a group hug Demon deck

    @sorinjace yes, any cards work.
  • image

    For the Goblin/ Artifact deck
  • So can you explain the specifics of each deck's strat? I am tired and a bit preoccupied at the moment. With that I could try to find cards that could be reprinted for them.

    I already suggest the loyal cycle.
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    For the KARI EVANGELINE, SPELLSLINGER commander deck


    This card just got a lot of feedback I edited to the point of it being a new card almost. I still want to make more for this commander involving draw power for you @pjbear2005
  • @Ranshi922

    Kari: Enchantments and Enchantment creatures kind of like but also different from the C18 enchantment, also I am going to rework the card to make enchantments 1 mana less and make it so you only gain 3 life which might mean it will go down in cost

    Special Mechanic: ???


    Mantholian: Mostly artifacts and artifact creatures, Non-artifact creatures will be Goblins and Artificers, I want to put in a new version of Krenko (Without the goblin doubling)

    Special Mechanic (Going to be reworked on the card) : Tinker X- Whenever this creature deals damage to a player or planeswalker you create X 1/1 colorless construct creature tokens


    Alexine: Mono blue with mages and a lot of illusion tokens. Some enchantments. Topdeck and mill cards.

    Special Mechanic: Illusion- Whenever this creature is blocked exile it and put it in your hand at the beginning of your next turn.


    Marchesa- Unblockable creatures, -1/-1 counters, Agressive control.

    Special Mechanic: Enthrone (Whenever a creature you don't control attacks you and you have the most life or tied for most life, put a -1/-1 counter on it.)

  • So we have an Esper Estrid, a swarming artificer, a Jace jr., and a conspiracy-esque queen?
  • Have you considered, my good sir, the wonderful world of superfriends?
  • Are you asking me or pjbear2005?
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  • [Error 404 - Comprehension Not Found]
  • Trust me, you know everyone loves the wonderful world of superfriends
  • I feel superfriends has been pretty beaten into the ground thanks to Atraxa.
  • I still don't understand. You all just explain superfriends by repeating it...
  • Lots of planeswalkers
  • In all seriousness, superfriends is always an option, tokens makes a fun strategy (can be anywhere from 2-4 colors, I've found), sacrifice can be cool, same with reanimator
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    I had a "super friends"/Ally/mazes end with gatelands commander deck. It was so powerful I took out the planeswalkers, they didn't need to be in there. Then I got this reanimate scion of the urdragon deck idea and I needed the lands so I had to gut the rest of the Ally deck, but the mazes end with the gates lives on in my scion deck, I busted that out yesterday against @Dechujoh64 and @jfoster90, it ran so fast cuz I also had in my opening hand amulet of vigor and walking atlas. I'll be honest, that was pure luck. I may never see the deck run that smooth ever again, and I'm still working on it. And that was against a krenko goblin commander deck and a anowan deck!
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    @pjbear2005 take the shroud off Kari, it's pointless alongside hexproof. As far as spells, it should be themed towards enchantments so it should say enchantments you control cost 1 less to cast. Finally the last bit should say whenever an enchantment enters the battlefield under your control, if you cast it from your hand, you gain life equal to the number of enchantments you control.
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    I left out the cast from your hand thing just because it wouldn't fit and it wouldn't make that big of a difference
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    You still need ideas for the other commanders/decks? I have a couple really interesting commanders I think you might like:
    Jarmil for targeted assault and aggro
    Lgeth'aryth for mutant tribal and +1/+1 counters
    Gurdak for gruul fighting!
  • Or if not, I do have a set specifically for all my legendary creatures:
  • Those are pretty cool commanders (Especially Lgeth'aryth) but right now we have the other two ideas for decks but commanders for them still need to be worked on. If you would like to help we need to think up a commander for a group hug deck and either a superfriends deck or a Shaman deck that makes tokens
  • And I will look through the rest of the legendary creatures
  • Group hugs? I have a semi-huggy commando: (more token swarm, but still helps others)
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