November Contest: Card That Art! Physical Rewards!

Hello there fellow cardsmiths!

Over the past several months I’ve been working to create a set of deck box organizers complete with beautiful original fantasy artwork. Along the way I discovered the joy of making and sharing custom cards here, and as a thank you to this community, now that my project is ready to ship I want to give people a chance to win a set for themselves.


Challenge Rules

In this challenge, you’ll create custom cards using the art from my project. Beyond that though, this competition is freestyle - do any sort of card you like!

 •  The deadline for submissions is Noon Pacific Time on Friday, November 30th
 •  Cards must use one of the illustrations provided below, from my divider project
 •  Be sure to credit my artist, Finn McAvinchey for his art on each card you create
 •  You may submit up to five cards total, one with each of the pieces of artwork
 •  Please put all your cards together into a single post in this thread, for my sanity
 •  You’re welcome to update or replace cards until the deadline when judging starts

Your work will be evaluated on creativity, presentation and attention to detail, mechanical design and innovation, and of course for fit with the artwork.

image image image image image


Challenge Prizes

This challenge has physical prizes! That’s exciting, but because my company is basically just me and I’m not versed in import export rules, it does mean that I can only offer those prizes to cardsmith’s in the United States. Everyone is welcome to participate, but winners outside the US will be rewarded with a Steam gift card rather than physical products.

But what can you win, you ask? Well, the best card for each piece of artwork gets:

 •  A set of five deck box organizers, one with each illustration
 •  Six packs of Guilds of Ravnica, shipped with the organizers
 •  A unique earnable avatar to use here on MTG Cardsmith

Honorable mentions for each illustration will receive the unique earnable avatar, and all winners will have their work featured on the Omnibus Games Facebook page! I’ll also follow and favorite as the mood strikes me during the judging process.


image image


Posting Cards

To post a card in this (or any other) thread, you can use the following code:
<a href="(page address)" target="_blank"><img src="(image address)" width="32%" /></a>
Replace (page address) with the address of your MTG Cardsmith page for the card in question, and (image address) with the address of your card’s image (which you can get by right-clicking on the image on your card page, and choosing Copy Image Address in Chrome, or a similar process in other web browsers).


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