Secret Santa card assignment

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You pick a clan and post it in this thread. I pull names out of a hat and give you someone else's name. Then you have to make a card from your chosen cardsmith with the Clan they posted. (Clan 3 colors of the 10 official color combinations.)

You can't tell someone you got them until you posted the card you made in this thread.

Only one card for your name.

Deadline for clan picking and entering this contest is November 14th.

Cards are due December 31st midnight eat usa.


25 dollar gift card of your choice of steam or amazon! 3 favors and 2 hugs for 1st. 2nd follow and 2 favors 2 hugs if followed 4 favors. 3rd follow and 1 favor and a hug, or 2 favors and a hug.

I won't be judging until January 3rd.


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