Mad with POWER!!!

I just made my 600th card, and it's energy based critter for commander purposes.


Made me think the world needs more based cards, as wizards has only made around 70 of them total across all colors types. So the contest is make cards that use Energy in some way. I will dole out favorites for the top 5. The Winner I will reward with a premium member ship in honor of the Holiday. I will keep this fairly short, so we will end it on Thanksgiving.-11/25/2018. If I happen roll into black friday before I call it, then you get to beat the clock, but once it's done it's done.

- Five Entries, no creation date restrictions. (New or Old)
- Must contain Energy (E) in some way. Makes, uses it ,or both- whatever you want to do with it.
-Any mechanics you want to include otherwise are acceptable.
- Any type of card, long as it uses the energy mechanic.
-You can make whatever theme you like, as there's no Plane or flavor restriction.
- Must be submitted by 11/25/2018 (or when I get around to calling it.)


By @East2West

By Lastjustice



Real cards with Energy!

image image image image image image

Any other examples if you need more to look at...[Energy] (plus few other cards with the word energy on them that came up.)

So there's the story...GO MAD WITH POWEH!!!!MUAHAHAHAHAHA!




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