The Arcane Tour - Underway!

Come one, come all! See worlds that you may never see again! Experience new sensations! Meet new people! Learn new crafts! Join the Arcane Tour!
Professor Paul, the proprietor of Paul's Planar Portals, has kindly lent us a portal to use. What does this mean? It means that we can travel throughout the Multiverse with the assistance of our trusty Paul Portal!
Guided by our host, yours truly, TezzeretofCarmot21 *small bow*, we are going to be driving a bus through the Planar Portal to different planes of the Multiverse. You will receive a cardsmithing challenge relating to that plane, and you will have one week to complete it. I will choose three to five winners, who will each receive one point. (Oh, and here's a tip - you can explore the planes to get tips on your cards.)
There will be ten planes in total to visit, so the Arcane Tour will last ten weeks. At the end, we will return back here, and everyone will get their points tallied up. Everyone will receive a reward based on their entries!
In order to join me, the Planar Bus, and a bunch of Ixalan tacos, just comment your name, species, plane of origin, and a short bio below. The bus is departing on November 20th, and I’m only allowing a maximum of 20 people. I’d like it if you make a legendary creature card of yourself on this fine site and included a link or image in the comment. Rewards will vary, but I’m hoping I can get some features and premiums for y’all if you win.
Apply today to join the adventure of a lifetime! The Arcane Tour - like nothing you’ve ever seen before!
Week 1 - Dominaria - ???
Week 2 - Alara - ???
Week 3 - Innistrad - ???
Week 4 - Ixalan - ???
Week 5 - Tarkir - ???
Week 6 - Amonkhet - ???
Week 7 - Kamigawa - ???
Week 8 - Theros - ???
Week 9 - Zendikar - ???
Week 10 - Ravnica - ???

And your host!


  • So what is this exactly?
  • Hm. I will think of something for this.
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    Name: Septim Vulganos

    Species: Wraith (Human)

    Plane of origin: Solania

    Short bio:
    "Was once a king in flesh and blood. Was then nearly assassinated (again) by my own folly. Was became a planeswalker. Was displaced away to a planar gladiatorial championship in Clancularius. Was thrown back home again as the gladiatorial executioner took away my spark.

    Was reignited again.

    And I will never be bound to be just a mere ant."

  • @OmnipresentAnonymous It’s basically a weekly challenge that you have to apply for.
  • I'll join:
    Plane of origin: earth
    Species: SBB (sentient bowling ball)
    After getting a perfect game, I just kinda got part of my bowler's personality. I was teleported over here, and that's where I am now!
  • Sounds like fun! Let's do it! (do we keep the same character, or can we make characters up as we go?)
  • I’ll join: @bnew07

    Home Plane: Vryn

    Species: Human

    Bio: I am an entry level engineer working on mage-rings close to the separtist front. I specialize in scaling up aether conversion techniques.
  • Me: @pjbear2005 (Card is based off of my pet chinchilla)

    Home: Chinane (Plane of Chinchillas)

    Species: Chinchilla

    Bio: A high tier Chinchilla that decided to dedicate the rest of his life to tourism after the Planar Bus came his home plane. (The Chinchilla plane has some kind of caste system based on the amount of summers you have survived and your wealth of rose hips)

  • Name: Gideon, Peacekeeper

    Spieces: Human

    Plane of origin: Akros, Theros

    Gideon was born as the sun of a general and was taught to defend the city from foreign invaders. Once Gideon was old enough he understood that he has to bring peace to the world and is now on his endless quest to achieve that goal.

    Why I chose Gideon: because I love the character and he is the first planes walker I ever got.

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    Here's my submission


    Name: Shane Querzitan

    Species: Human

    Home Plane: Ixalan

    Short Bio: Shane is a member of the Emperor's Royal Guard. He is an extremely skilled fighter, but his most interesting ability is that he can speak to dinosaurs. He decided to go on the Arcane Tour because he heard that there would be tacos.

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    The only other being in the multiverse that shares my name is this guy from Theros. He found an ancient book that allows him to explore pocket worlds made by the author and even taught him to make his own. With this choice book, he decided to make obscure, theoretical worlds for his own think tanks. If he cut his hair, he might even look like me!
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    Name: Hanhla Tunure
    Species: Human, sister to a human with almost God-like power
    Plane of Origin: Holmfiirh


    After Hanhla escaped Holmfirh, a desolate plane ruled and completely controlled by her brother, she found peace in freeing and befriending the expanse of wildlife throughout the planes. After years of travelling, she came across Paul's Planar Guided Tour and decided that it would be fun to see some of the most exciting and life filled planes currently known to this prestigious company.
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    Widowcrin, the Metal Dragon, was born on Ghunkalia during the era of corruption.
    After his first death, Widowcrin was revived by the old guardian himself. The old guardian cursed Widowcrin, now a machine, with a heavy burden: to protect the souls of the fallen from being consumed by Yola, the Dread Goddess. Widowcrin found a way to absorb the souls and use their own strengths against evil. He has been protecting the souls to this day, and Yola grows increasingly restless without a soul to consume.
  • Went with an original character other than myself, since my name is pretty much too derpy to sound serious.
  • I think it's funny because my name is Paul. My experiments have finally succeeded!
  • Also how big is this bus? Apparently it can fit a dragon?
  • I would never! How dare you accuse me of such a heinous act?
  • Sounds interesting... Thinking bout joining. How long do we have til no more cardsmiths can join? I need time to make something for this if I'm to join.
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    Name: Balsam

    Plane of Origin: Innistrad


    Bio: Balsam was born with his twin sister, Jarina (Ask me about it in PM if you wish, I have large story for her I made a while ago), however he never did meet her. Before ever truely seeing her he was given off to another family as his could not support two children, even with their shady dealings, and trained by the local town church when of age to become a fighting member of the church. With them he lived many years, until the events of Eldritch Moon, in whence he allied himself with Thalia to fight against the scourges that assaulted their lands. Once the threat had finally been dealt with he devoted his life entirely to defending those who couldn't do so for themselves, though on his own terms, those in which he would fight when he believed it right and however accomplished the goal properly. Not when others did so, nor how they did so if it went against him or his methods.

    (Side Note: Though yes he respects those with wards and magic, he himself tries himself to rely purely on good ole fashion armor and weaponry. Though, he will use magic to assist others, for he believes that's the only magic he believes he can trust)

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    Not me necessarily, but the character I'll be for the trip:

    Name: Reza
    Species: Human (presumably)
    This is the Planar Bus? Looks a bit slipshod for something that's supposed to handle the ravages of the Blind Eternities. You're sure this can- oh, yes. Okay. If you say so...

    Sorry if I don't seem excited. I really am - I'm beside myself actually! Right. Yes, indeed that was a joke. The whole 'phasing in and out of existence' thing seems to be off-putting so I try to make light of it. It's quite troublesome and quite painful. Yeah, painful! Try being sporadically disassociated from your semi-corporeal form sometime and let me know how it goes for you. That was a bit much, you didn't deserve that. Anyway, it's absolutely a bother to say the very least... but that's why I'm here.

    I've done some digging around on my home plane but nothing's turned up. Ever since waking up (by which I mean 'slowly gaining sentience as the cosmic byproduct of some massive extraplanar outburst') I've been trying to figure out what exactly I am in hopes that I can ground myself - at least, that's the best way I can describe my goal. Yep, the whole "who am I?" cliché. My form seems human, but most humans don't drift in and out of their bodies. Or other objects. Or-Look, is there room on that thing or not?
  • @sorinjace apparently the bus is leaving today, but I’m sure you could still make a card since you’ve expressed your interest
  • @sorinjace The bus can wait for anyone. You can join the game anytime as long as there’s less than 25 people, but you’ll be at a disadvantage.
    Hey, everyone, we have some changes to the rules -
    The limit is now 25 people.
    The bus is departing on the 22nd. We want as many seats filled as possible!
  • how did the bus get magically larger?
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    @Bowler218 I summoned 5 seats out of the Æther.
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    Name: Cayeron, Dreaorn (Formerly Joseph, Bardey)
    Race: Human
    Subspecies: Terran (Terrans are unable to use magic but are more adaptable and creative than most humans in the multiverse, they also have the possibility of devoloping an innate magic resistance.)
    Homeplane: Garvoth (Formerly Earth)

    Cayeron, (he does not use his family name), has lived life before. He reincarnated on Garvoth after his death on Earth and went on to help found the Dreaornian Empire by defeating the avatar of destiny, unifing the nations and writting the Imperial constitution. For his service he was elected as emperor and ruled his nation wisely until he was banished from his new home by a union of gods determined to prevent him from completly modernising their world. He is currently looking for a way to return to Garvoth. He is a brilliant strategist,( he played to many 4X games), and a nearly unmatched combatant. He has never lost a single battle due to the simple fact that no being can die twice on Earth so his reincarnation has made him funstionely immortal through some intercosmic rule conflict. He can not use magic but he was adopted by a dragon an angel and a sea seerpent and he can manifest most of their racial abilities. He can also manipulate death due to the fact that the reapers owe him a great dept for being unable to put him to rest in peace, (dying is one of his second life goals). He is currently wondering how he found himself in a fantasy version of the magical schoolbus.

  • (Looks at last five words)
    That's a bit much, don't you think?
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