Contest - Assemble the Workers **CIRCUIT CHALLENGE**

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Assembly-workers! You've all heard of them, but have you made one?


Welcome to my Contest: Assemble the workers. Pretty much this contest is about making some more Assembly-Workers, there's only six anyway.

Challenge Rules

 •  Competitor must make an artifact creature with the subtype: Assembly-Worker
 •  You may enter a maximum of 5 cards.
 •  Old cards are allowed (If assembly workers where already your thing...)
 •  Contest will end on the 25th of December AUS time.

Circuit Points

First Place shall earn 1 Circuit Point
Second Place shall earn 3/4 Circuit Point
Third Place shall earn 1/2 Circuit Point
Honorable Mentions shall earn 1/4 Circuit Point


 •  A good idea to find art for this is typing up something like robot deviantart.
   or robot digital art, and having a subtype Steampunk.

So let's make some Assembly-Workers!
- Skyrpt



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