Planeswalker's Journey 2: Return to Clancularius



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    @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos It's pretty obvious looking at your cards what your niche is, but you do have to say it in the comment.

    Also, @Bowler218, here is the tutorial on how to get the card image to show up on the forums, as it is a lot easier for me to be able to just look at the card instead of having to go through a link.

    @BorosPaladin Just to offer some criticism of my own, not only is it a strictly worse murder, but it is 1B more than a common that does the same thing:

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    Full roster here.




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    Name: Elaine Fein

    Color: White

    Homeplane: Ixalan (Luneau)

    Niche: Token generations

    During her previous lifetime, Elaine was a normal human child who lived in Luneau until her home and families get wrecked by stampeding dinosaurs.

    The proprietor? Nobody else other than the infamous planeswalker Vivien Reid who escaped from her prison and slaughtered most of the vampire aristocrats including the Baron of Vernot himself.

    Having no one else, luckily a visiting hierophant who came to Luneau in his mission to spread the words from the returned saint Elenda, the Mavren Fein himself, found the little Elaine first and adopted her because of his sentimental feeling, and because a vampire can't reproduce normally like a normal human.

    A few years later, as the transition ritual to the vampiric existence began, something was ignited inside her. Her planeswalker spark. Unable to hold the mental burden of her tragic past as it resurfaced again, she cried and vanished from the spot after the ritual was complete.

    Unconscious but alive, she was lucky that she was found lying on a garden by a wealthy citizen from a civilized kingdom in Clancularius.

    But that was just the beginning of her journey.
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    [email protected]% D&##*t how hard is it to create an original black removal at common! (I'm not mad at you dont worry and thank you for telling me this.)

    Time to redo it, again.
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    Ok story time

    The First Days Part 1, The Beauty Of Life

    First there was nothing, void, then there was darkness.

    The armored figure woke to the sound of water dripping somewhere in the distance. He raised his head and looked around yet he could not find were the sound was coming from. He went to take a breath and noticed that he could not breath. He was not choking, he simply could not feel his lungs and thus could not breath. He looked at his hands, at his armoured gloves, lacquered black and sharp at the ends, he removed his gloves and saw his hand. Or what was left of it. The bones of his hand stood out before him, they were bleached white and shone ominously in the darkness. He then realised that he could see in the pitch blackness of the cave, it was then that he noticed the corpses.
    The entire cavern was littered with bones, skeletons of men is rusted armour and tattered banners. The passage of time was clear among these bones and while the elements had preserved the bodies, their gear was little more than scraps and dust. The figure felt no attachment to the bodies, he simply felt that there was a pull in the room, a spark of energy hovering in the distance, waiting to be tapped into. But he saw no reason to pay it any attention, he saw little at all and he decided that the first thing to do was to learn who he was. So he started walking and he kept walking until he was out of the caves and he stepped into the night sky.
    The stars surprised him, he had seen stars before he believed, but he could not believe he had seen anything so beautiful before. So he stopped and he stared at the stars, at the darkness, at the moon in its orbit and he relished in the peace and beauty he had found in the night sky on top of the mountain. Then came the dawn.

    In the darkness there was peace, then there was light.

    In the midst of the mountain tops, light burst forth, radiant and pure as it broke the darkness apart and brought forth a new day. He had prefered the peace of night, but he did not dislike the day, he simply likes it less. The day brought light and illuminated the surroundings, with it he saw a spring shining a short distance below him. With nothing else to do he walked towards it.
    The spring burst forth over the ledge of a cliff, it poured over the edge and dropped into a basin forming a pool of clear hot water. But that was not what interested him, what took his notice was the mirror created by the sheet of water gushing down the ledge. In the mirror he saw himself, he saw a tall figure in heavy black armour segmented in the joint areas for flexibility and protection. Hanging over his shoulder was a long red cape and a blue fire glowed in his eyes under his helmet. He lifted the helm over his head and gazed at the glowing shull under it, so this was he face. He learnt on that moment that he was dead, a skeleton of the man who lived in this body long ago.

    With light comes dawn, with dawn comes life.

    He had been walking for days down the mountain, he had paused to look at the trees, at the animals, at the birds and the flowers. He had paused to enjoy all the sights and sounds before him and he relished in the peace he had found there. It was there that he first saw her. She was a young girl around the age of five and she would open his eyes to the beautyful and futile striggle that is life.
  • Raid, bloodfire's journal chapter 1
    The sun shone bright, bringing with it the sounds of swords being sharpened. He got up, and looked out his window, if you could call it that. The hole had a mesh against it that made sure the elements wouldn't come in, but he could stick his hand through it. The trainees would be doing their passage today, and he would be the ceremony master.
    It started well, some of the best pupils became soldiers in the higher battalions, the 18th, 10th, and 501st. The others had ones like 308th, 12th, and the worst one; the door guards. About ten were left, and that's when the sound rattled through the forest.
    The battalions got to their stations, the rest of the trainees were brought inside the walls. The first spears were thrown at us, chipping their wood walls. The mage task force was called in, and he grabed his sword, his staff, and his armor, and ran into the battle.
    A group of orcs came at him, and he sent a bloodflame at them, while another group attacked Tauren, his minotaur leader, and surrounded him. He looked away knowing what would happen.
    The onslaught continued, with more and more orcs coming in to fight. They were surrounded, most dead, others captured. The great walls came burning down, and he ran in to get everyone out. A piece of wood knocked him prone, and he saw his comrades get trapped or killed. His mind went foggy with rage, and then, he was in a forest, just like the one he was in before, but something was different.
  • @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos I wonder how Elaine and Mo-Pir would react to each other.
  • can I join?
  • Is it November 30th?
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    my entry:

    Home plane: ?
    Race: Dream-Kin
    Niche: Deck manipulation

    Teri has just seen the fate of the multiverse. Nobody, not even a Dreamkin like her, should know such truths. This realization drove her mad, wiping her memory and igniting her latent planeswalker's spark. She now wanders the planes, trying to piece together the life that she lost.

    more cards:
    Opt would also be good in here
  • The PW's active is basically scry 1
  • I know, but I forgot to write scry. It's fine.
  • It looks like I actually made a new card this time hurrah!
  • what is it?
  • Yeah! What is it?
  • Look at my entry, if you didn't notice I've changed one of my cards 3 times already.
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    "I can't sit back and wonder why, it look so long for this to die. I hate it when you fake it. You can't hide it, you might as well just embrace it!"

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    @mutkletins :)))

    (Oh, and how does that card work in 1v1 format? Do you suddenly have two commanders? By the way, the definition of men is also confusing in MtG since they have creatures such as dragons, beasts, oozes, mutants, etc. In which their genders are impossible to see or fathom.)
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    Ok. @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos Your niche can be whatever you want it to be, but looking at your cards they seem much more Lifegain than Token-Gen like you said that your niche is. Just wondering why you said token-gen while all your cards have lifegain on them.
  • 9 days, well eight if you read this in the morning.
    I'm so pumped!
  • @Aggroman15 Fine, it's lifegain and token generation then.
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    @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos No, if you want it to be just token-gen, nothing is stopping you. I am not forcing you in any way, shape, or form to change your niche. I was just wondering.
  • Introducting Tesim! Let's all give him a big hand.


    His niche is sort of mechanically hard to pin down. Essentially all his cards have a "search" flavor to them- he digs through hands and decks and removes things in the way. The basic premise is that he was a skilled necromancer who attempted to gain immortality by removing his heart from his body and putting all manner of nefarious spells on it, and while he was successful, it ended up getting stolen by a witch. Sadly, his immortality hasn't been working right for him, and he still ages, meaning at this point he's rotted away into a mostly mindless skeleton. He's been doggedly searching for his heart to undo the spells, but hasn't had much luck, and in a cruel twist of fate, his fear of his own creeping insanity and possible eternal suffering caused enough grief to ignite his spark.


    There are flavor explanations for these cards in the comments. Still trying to figure out what to do for my last common; I basically refuse to make a card if I can't find good art for it.
  • ill just put a link to the set:
    btw the first 4 are my round 1 submissions. the rest are story/lore cards.
    how name relates: cicadusi is like, cicadas which are an insect like the mantis.
    niche: warlocks. like necromancy, but more combat focused.
  • @TheSuturedHeartMan how dare you kill my hydras like that!
  • @MonkeyPirate2002 Hydras have all sorts of weird scrungles and whatchamacallems sticking out of them at every angle, how is Tesim supposed to know they're not his heart if he doesn't take a closer look?
  • @Mantis17 Rot and Ruin needs to be an Enchantment - Aura, or else it doesn't work. Also, Slay the Beast has to have some sort of colored mana in it's mana cost, or else it's border has to be colorless.
  • @Aggroman15 Good point with rot and ruin. I'll change it now (I haven't played in some time). With slay the beast however, I choose to put the border as black. Unless the rules prevent it (and I don't think they do) I'd like to keep it that way, just for consistency's sake.
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