Planeswalker's Journey 2: Return to Clancularius



  • @Aggroman15 Yup, here they are:

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    Dodo dodo dodododo do
    (From Countdown, a TV program)
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    Fang the Necromancer

    Name: Fang
    Color: B
    Origin Plane: Tarkir, just before the Nicol Bolas came and messed the plane up
    Niche: Reanimation

    Originally a servant of Tasigur, his spark was ignited just before he was eaten on Tasigur's command.

    Baleful WoundDislocated Zombie

    Remaining slots:
    Mythic: 0
    Rare: 0
    Uncommon: 0
    Common: 1
  • @LyndonF Could you use Dislocated Zombie's death trigger to get back itself?
  • all right, last minute story card!

    I changed the art and the name just because I found more druid art than bear art that I liked. The abilities and cost are the same and so is the niche.
  • OK! The first challenge will come sometime soon, after I get back from FNM.
  • @Aggroman15

    What deck are you playing?
  • Ridiculous last-minute change: just pretend that my planeswalker has this card's art:
  • @Aggroman15 It’s been five hours since you said you were going to be at FNM. How long is it taking you to write a starting challenge?!
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    @MonkeyPirate2002 I was literally in the finishing stages of writing the challenge when you commented, so yeah. Also, FNM is not short, especially when you stay around to visit for a bit afterwards.

    @KorandAngels The image doesn't work.

    @pjbear2005 It was draft. I ended up playing Selesnya splashing black, and went 2-1.

    ANYWAYS, It's finally time for the first challenge!

    Week One Challenge: The New World

    You have just arrived in this brand new world, with no idea where you are or what you are doing here. The only information you have available is what you see, hear, or smell around you. You need to find out where you are, and fast.


    Create a card that represents gathering information. Some examples of info-gathering mechanics:

    -Drawing cards (gathering knowledge)
    -Searching for lands from your library (exploring)
    -Scry X (Exploring the clues)
    -Looting/Draw and discard or discard and draw, (gather the important knowledge.)
    -Or something else that could solve this challenge.

    Statistics Update

    You will be granted:

    -1 Common slot (For a total of 3 including your default slots)
    -1 Uncommon slot (For a total of 2 including your default slots)

    You do not, I repeat DO NOT have to use these slots for the challenge. You can save as many of them as you want, or use all of them. It's up to you. Just keep in mind that cards made for challenges have the potential for 2 extra points if they fit the challenge.

    Also, challenge cards don't have to follow your niche, as that would make it really hard for some of you. Your niche is just kind of a basic guideline for what your character can or cannot do.

    And with that, Good Luck, Have Fun, and Happy Cardsmithing!
  • @Aggroman15

    Those are actually my favorite colors, 2 of my standard decks are those
  • @Aggroman15
    Also are we still limited to 3 CMC?
  • image

    I use magically imbued berries to attract the creatures of the area. I provide them with food and keep them company for a while, in exchange they help me get a lay of the land.
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    la'ayiv reached the top of the monument. he could see to the edge of the world from here! whoever this was dedicated to must have been very important. suddenly, one of the statues of a strange creature sprang to life. la'ayiv stood, shocked. who had animated the statue!?
    (explore X functions as explore, except you reveal X cards and pick 1 land or no land.)
    the gargoyle is not one of la'ayiv's cards.
  • @aggroman i have now got 2 spare commons. can i turn them into one uncommon?
  • @KorandAngels No. Those are the slots you have, and if you want to use them, you can, and if you want to save them, you can, but you cannot change 2 commons to 1 uncommon.

    @pjbear2005 Yes, you are still limited to 3 CMC.
  • image

    The Ahalia and I land in the ruins of a city. Immediately adapting, we create some futuristic technology to increase the squirrels in size, making traversing easier.
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    @ShaperKyon Yes, the zombie can target itself, and has to do so if it's the only creature in the graveyard.

    Reap KnowledgeCall from the Coffins

    Remaining slots:
    Mythic: 0
    Rare: 0
    Uncommon: 1
    Common: 0

  • this challenge is perfect for Teri!!!
  • I'm screwed!
    I'll use the uncommon for this.
  • do we still stick to our colors?
  • @Bowler218 Yes, later on you get the chance to acquire new colours.
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    @Bowler218 You are not necessarily screwed. You just have to be creative!
  • Found this the day after it started. Feelsbadman.
  • @MemoryHead You are still eternally late. lol
  • @pjbear2005 Yeah, that's super ironic, but also pretty average considering how my life tends to go.
  • @MemoryHead, Honestly, it is only the first challenge, so if you really want to join you can. It never feels good to find something great right after you can't participate. Also, in the first one, there were some late entrants, so I will allow it.
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