Welcome the hugs! Contest (Enter your contests/challenges.)

Hello fellow smiths and contest/challenge holders,

I'm looking to advertise our recent contest in other cardsmiths' contests/challenges, as well as advertise theirs in ours to help keep people aware of people's contests/challenges.

Contest: Welcome it in, Miss Numb! Contest (Prizes/rules changed!)

However, I'm not just going to request this without a reward. I'm looking to have a list of contests/challenges interested compiled, so that I can award a premium membership to at least one of the contest/challenge holders chosen at random. The winners of these prizes can then choose how to distribute these prizes or if they want to keep them.

Minor Rules:
A) Post your contest/challenge here, with a link to it so I can compile the list.
B) No more than one contest/challenge per cardsmith is allowed. This is to engage as much of the community as possible.

Contests/Challenges interested: (Listed in alphabetical order!)
A) Flintlock Fantasy by @ChainsawXIV
B) Lay of Legend by @Revan
C) Non-Permanent Permanents by @Aggroman15
D) Planar Wardens by @pjbear2005
E) White Elephant Contest ~ make a "gift" for your opponent!! **Circuit Challenge** by @saveria201
F) X-MAS CONTEST 2018! by @sorinjace

Other than that, Happy Smithing!


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