What if I don't want to be evil? **Circuit Challenge**

Hello fellow cardsmiths, I had a brilliant idea for a contest that will give people a challenge. I want you to make a card portraying something evil or inappropriate as innocent. This will be a five day contest and it will go by quick, so make sure to enter soon.

A) The top three cards' smiths will get the following...
- A follow from us.
- 3 favorites of your own choice.

Circuit Prizes:
- First Place will get 1 Circuit Point
- Second Place will get 3/4 Circuit Point
-Third Place will get 1/2 Circuit Point
- Honorable Mentions will get 1/4 Circuit Point

Due date:
The due date for this contest is the 2nd of December. Late entries won't be accepted since we want to keep our contests/challenges contained to their timeline.

1) The card must display innocence.
2) The card must feature something that would be viewed as evil or inappropriate.
3) No entry limit.
4) No old cards.
5) Make sure to credit the creator of the artwork on your cards.
6) Make sure your art is within the boundaries of good taste.

Brief guide to uploading linked pictures/images in comments! (W/ Visual Aid)

Happy smithing!


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