Effective Rivals (TCPG Weekly Challenge #2)

edited November 2018 in Contests and Challenges
Great. Looks like Tommy got another stupid contest idea... best run while you can...

For this contest, it’s gonna get tttttttrick-ay... but simple. Make a card with at least two “rival” abilities or effects. These are effects or abilities seen in “rival” colors, aka colors opposite from one another on the color pie. For example, Black rivals white.

Here's an example:


The concept is very simple. Flash is seen in white, while sacrifice is seen in black. The effect or ability doesn’t have to appear specifically in that color. For example, Flash is dominant in blue as well. So... what are you waiting for? Let’s see what interesting cards you make! Limit 3 entries per Smith. This contest will be judged sometime after midnight (est) on Thursday, December 6th.


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