Cardify that quote challenge (Featured quotes & your own.)

Hello fellow cardsmiths, I felt like hosting a challenge themed around cards based on quotes. As such, I want you to design some cards based on some of the quotes listed below, as well as some of your own choice.

Note: Having the quote on your card is optional. So don't worry about having to fit them onto your cards.

Featured Quotes: (Quotes are referred by the uploader to my thread. Creators aren't listed, unless they say "Originally by".)

1) "I found in myself what I sought in another. Just to find a much better lover! So I dined on the fruits forbidden to man and found who I am."
- Originally by Mercyque (This one is really challenging for artwork.)

2) "We are all just actors in plays we’ve written, with ourselves as the villain."
- Originally by Ranshi922 (Last minute addition.)

3) "One of the most terrifying things is to find yourself laughing amidst everyone else’s tears."
- Originally by Ranshi922

4) "If you judge a frog's ability to write poems, you should probably make an evaluation over your decisions since you decided to judge a frog's ability to write poems."
- Originally by Jonteman93

5) "The optimist sees the rose and not its thorn; the pessimist stares at the thorn, oblivious to the rose."
- Ranshi922 (Last minute addition.)

6) "She wasn’t waiting for a Knight, she was waiting for a sword."
- Ranshi922 (Last minute addition.)

7) "Personnel are to note that they are a fish."
- Fallen_Lord_Vulganos (Last minute addition.)

Extra Entries:
For extra entries, you will choose another quote of your choice. Design a card around it. Then post the quote and card in a comment, with a mention that it is an extra entry. Feel free to use other people's quotes or make your own.

A) For each featured quote, the top card's smith will get the following...
- A follow from us.
- 2 favorites of your own choice.
B) The top extra entry card's smith will get the following...
- A follow from us.
- 3 favorites of your own choice.

Due Date:
The due date for this contest is the 9th of December. Late entries won't be accepted since we want to keep our contests/challenges contained to their timeline.

Featured Quote Rules:
1) You must label which quote you're using. (You don't need to type the quote!)
2) The card must be themed around the chosen featured quote.
3) Up to three entries for each featured quote.
4) No old cards.
5) Make sure to credit the creator of the artwork on your cards.

For Extra Entries:
1) You must mention your card is an extra entry.
2) You must post your chosen quote in the card's comment.
3) The card must be themed around your chosen quote.
4) No entry limit.
5) No old cards.
6) Make sure to credit the creator of the artwork on your cards.

Brief guide to uploading linked pictures/images in comments! (W/ Visual Aid)

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Happy smithing!


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    @Everybody @Ranshi922 @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos
    Sorry to some of the quote posters for not giving you the advance time to know whether your quote was being used. I revised the contest to feature more quotes for added humor. But at least this gives you some surprises to look forward to.

    Also, I'm contemplating having a bonus prize for the best overall quote and card combo. I couldn't decide how to balance premium subscriptions for the amount of quotes given.

    So I'm contemplating on one of the following.
    1) Premium subscription for the best card from the featured category and another for the best combo of card and quote from the extra category.
    2) Premium subscription for best overall card and quote combo.
  • When you say extra, do you mean any others?
  • @murkletins, some of those quotes I provided weren’t me... you probably should mention that so that I’m not falsely credited 5 & 6.
  • First entry, quote #6...

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    For extras, they can be any quote you know of or made.

    As for the other comment, I fixed that as I forgot to post the note. (Tired day XD)
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    Silver bordered cards are allowed rite?

    EDIT: Card fixed.

  • @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos
    Yep, they are. Especially since we have humorous quotes as options.
  • Second entry, quote #3...

  • @murkletins, I have some really nice quotes, but they're on slightly older cards. How new do new cards entries need to be?
  • @Spookoops
    A month or two old is okay. I just didn't want people posting purely old ones.
  • Cool, I can make that work...thanks!
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    Extra entries, quotes in flavor text.

  • Oh, by the way. I'll accept if your quote is posted in the card itself only.

    Posting it in the comment just makes the text bigger.
  • I like the entries so far! XD
  • image

    @murkletins, I bear your words to you.
  • Here's my entry:
  • Heck, well there go my chances at that quote! XD
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    Thanks for making a card designed off myself. I especially like how you used my official nickname.

    Don't worry there is still time. I especially want to make a card off that quote, as I can't believe I got so creative.

    I recommend you also take a chance at that quote. I may just award a prize for the best card themed on that quote. (Offered a different prize.)
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    Extra Quote:
    (No idea who said it, I found it when looking for flavor text about the ocean, and I really liked it.)
  • Third entry, quote #1...

  • @spookoops
    Gosh, that art sends shrivels down my spine.
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    Edit: Removed card.
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    @Everybody @spookoops @Ranshi922 @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos
    Bonus Prizes Announcement:
    Hello fellow cardsmiths, I haven't gotten much feedback on the bonus prizes situation mentioned in the first comment. So instead of the earlier proposed bonus prizes, I have a new idea that fits this contest.

    To have a chance at earning the bonus prize, you must post a link to a video in your comment with your extra entry card that features the chosen quote. For ease of proving that the videos are correct, please either link to a specific time point in the video or give myself a timestamp in your comment.

    But regardless, as long as the video isn't like a half hour long, I'll watch the whole thing out of interest for your quote.

    So you may be wondering, what will the prize be? Depending on the amount of people we get doing this, I'll increase the prize bit by bit. Below will be our list measuring the prizes.

    1-2 participants: 1 month of premium subscription
    3-5 participants: 2 months of premium subscription.
    6-8 participants: 3 month of premium subscription.
    9+ participants: A playmat from MTGC (USA), or 5 months of premium subscription. (International).

    Note: If you prefer steam codes though, I can offer the equivalent or greater as a US Steam wallet code sent through mtgcardsmith. But I'll have to do some convincing to allow smaller steam gifts. So make sure if that is what you want!

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    @murkletins It's nice and all but I currently don't have the money and equipments to properly make a youtube-quality video.

    And along with this, I shall resign from this bonus-thing. Have a nice day, boss.
  • @Fallen_Lord_ Vulganos
    I didn't mean make a video. That would defeat the point.

    But if I get more feedback I may re-think this.

    I meant to find a video with a quote such as a song.
  • @murkletins Any kind of quote or the quotes from above...?
  • @murkletins so I have a music set folder I really have surprisingly not done much with and I mean to do so, and reading what you just said, could I make a card for a band, then link the music video of my choice to it as influence for the cards existence and submit it here? Would that count? How many can we do?
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