Gift of Giving

Sorinjace and I thought of this contest from looking at another Cardsmith's card and seeing it and trying to make it better.

For those of you who don't know Sorinjace did a contest for me when I was really down called "Show Dechujoh so love"
So why don't we bring that back but for everybody in this month of giving.

The object of this contest. Take a card that you believe is a really nice card but needs some improvement.

Like This
Mine/ @GelatinousWizard

SO that is what I want you to do for this contest.

Both Sorinjace and I will pick our separate winners at the end of this contest which is Christmas.

Honorable mentions: 1 fav
3rd place: 3 favs
2nd place: 4 favs
1st place: 5 favsand a follow.

Have a happy time cardsmithin everyone. -Dechujoh


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    I will be making an example card as well for this contest to help bump it along, I'll post it soon!!

    Please remember, the idea of this contest is to help improve on cards, not to brag or say your the best at cardsmithing(not that anyone would, but I feel this has to be said) it is to encourage cardsmiths to help other cardsmiths improve their cards and their craft, and heck, even their own craft! Even the top cardsmiths on the site screw up time and again, then there are all the rest of us! none of us are perfect. This also don't mean we strive to make each card perfect, it is to have fun and make the cards better. If they are perfected, even better. But most of all, have fun!!

    Here are the rules that @Dechujoh64 forgot to mention:

    1) cards must be original, not actual magic cards that exist in the game already.

    2) post the original card tagging the creators cardsmith username, then post your version.

    3) no limit on entries.

    4) cards can be new or old.

    5) No derp cards or offensive cards. Anything we feel that can offend the original cardsmith will not be considered for the prizes, please be respectful towards the original cardsmith. If possible, please offer honest and nice constructive words of criticism if you happen to communicate with the original cardsmith.

    Prizes from sorinjace's picks:

    3rd place: 3 favorites
    2nd place 4 favorites
    1st place: 5 favorites

    So you have double chances to get favorites if you happen to place in my picks and in @Dechujoh64's picks! Sounds pretty sweet!

    Have fun, and remember, happy cardsmithing!! sj ;)
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    Original by @ParasiticDisease:


    My version:


    So that's my example. I'm hoping I did it justice!! And now, we wait for cards to be remade and dropped... should it say 'target' opponent or 'an' opponent guys? I genuinely would like to know because if an opponent has this guy out too, then the ability won't go off because they'd have shroud, unless it says 'an' instead of 'target'.(See I'm in no way perfect, I just saw a really cool card that I wanted to try and recreate it to be even better!)
  • How does one enter the contest, and also, how does one mention someone in a comment using Disqus?
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    Here's how to enter.

    1) Find a card you want to remake.
    2) Remake the card on MTGCardsmith.
    3) Then post a comment here with the following...

    A) The link to the original card.
    B) The link to your remade version.
    C) Post the original cardsmith's username with the @ symbol before it.
    D) Then mention which card is the original.
  • Feel free to use my cards to change~
  • Change mine too! (They could use it...)
  • This contest needs contestants! Anyone up for the challenge? @AidanSamW and @brcien have given their blessings for their cards to be a part of this contest, anyone care to be the 1st to take a stab at this contest? :)
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    @Ranshi922, @Faiths_Guide, @TenebrisNemo, @saveria201, @bnew07, @TheCenterOfTheUniverse, @RayearthIXV, @Teacup, @Arceus8523, @East2West, @Shadow123, @mlg20555, @Shadow29870, @fraziel07, @Tomigon, @kandra127, @Lastjustice, @fiskerton, @Corwinnn, @AsubtleGhost, @Mila, @TezzeretofCarmot21, @BorosPaladin, @KrampisZman.... I could go on. Just tagging you here to hopefully peak any of your interests in this contest. If not, could you mention it to someone who is having a "writers block" or burned out of ideas, or someone who might have interest if you don't want to (or can't) participate? Thanks a bunch guys!!

    @DizzySmith can't wait to see your submission(s)!

    @murkletins, do you got time to or care to enter?
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    Oh! I like this!

    Quick question: Am I allowed to put my own take on the name? Like keep it pretty much the same, but with some of my personality pzazz?
  • The original card, by @Palor0:

    My rendition of the card:
  • Just faved both cards @DizzySmith. Keep it up!
  • @sorinjace
    I'll enter, but it'll have to wait until two of my contests are done judging. I'm just working on judging them now. But they won't be officially judged for two or three days.
  • Cool! I’ll do this soon!
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    I'll do this when i have time.
  • BTW how do I get the art?
  • @mlg20555
    If you post the original card in a message here. Then mention you need someone to search for the art source, one of us will do so.

    I will do so as long as I'm on my PC rather than my phone. You can also send myself a private message if you need help a little quicker.

    Currently, the only way to do so yourself is to crop the artwork from the card in a photoshop program. Then use google images and search for the artwork through browsing for the new image from your computer.
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    While creating/working on a card I've found that all you need to do is save/download the card image itself, then load the card image when you go to load an image when creating the card, then crop the transparent image box to the cards original image, it will fit perfectly within the transparent image box. But you have to be as close as you can get to being exact, otherwise you take a piece of the original versions border with it. I would do this when I'm in a rush when editing cards sometimes. Hope that helps @mlg20555! :)
  • Thank you!
  • No problem @mlg20555 cant wait to see your reboots-- i mean remakes! Lol

    @shadow123 your good at this sort of stuff lets see you out do yourself on this challenge!
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    @Sorinjace Thanks, here is my spin on @Tesarand ‘s Animore:


    Edit: The first one is @Tesarand ‘s and the second is mine.
  • Aw! @shadow123 your 1st link is broke!
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    @AidanSamW, I'd be honored to work on a card you possess. Just need an art link of one of your cards and will work on it. ^^. Same for you too, @brcien.
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    Original by @fraziel07 to the right is the remake with improved wording and new art.
    image image
  • I made this to bump the contest along, saw it in recently pubkished cards and thought it was a cool 'eye'-dea, so i recreated it!

    Karn's Eye (Original by @TremendouslyWET):


    My version:

  • I didn't realize my card was being used for something. I deleted it several days ago. I am sorry
  • It's okay @Tesarand, we'll forgive you!

    Due to short amount of entries over the holidays, @Dechujoh64 and I discussed this over the phone, we are extending the deadline for this contest until NEW YEARS DAY, by 12:00pm EST, USA.
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