Historical Hassle *Class Challenge*



  • @Ranshi922
    Is it okay if I use fan artwork of the character, the Danish Girl based on her.

    Representing Lili Ilse Elvenes (Better known as, Lili Elbe) -> Among the first trans women.

    I found few images of her that would fit a card...
  • @murkletins

    I feel that she, while not as well known, was just as much a hero as everyone else used here
  • I think most images should work. For Hamilton, I considered using art inspired by the musical, but decided not to, being that I was being graded by a history teacher without much knowledge of MTG.

    Long story short, feel free to use any art, as long as it is fitting not offensive to people. (I am not sure about that second part, being that people are offended by a lot nowadays.)
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    Yes, I made him a troll on purpose given the fact he basically coined (heh...) absurdism.

    EDIT: I just deleted the Sartre card as I messed up his typing (land creature lol) and didn't know how to edit. I think the Camus one is far more accurate anyway.
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    @TheAltRick, you could always remake any cards that you erred on.
  • @sorinjace, why no real link?
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    Henry VIII of England
    Just a quick bit of what went through my head while making this card to help you explain it's meaning to your teacher :D :
    (Just give me a minute for this)

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    Sorry @Ranshi922, heres the full image:


    I couldnt fit Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter sadly.... I couldnt resist the idea of having him destroy a vampire when he entered the battlefield.
  • Here's my new European entry.
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    The pirate captain Edward Teach, who operated around the West Indies and the eastern coast of Britain's North American colonies.

    Teach was a shrewd and calculating leader who spurned the use of force, relying instead on his fearsome image to elicit the response that he desired from those whom he robbed. Contrary to the modern-day picture of the traditional tyrannical pirate, he commanded his vessels with the consent of their crews and there is no known account of his ever having harmed or murdered those whom he held captive.
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    English non-native speaker. Sorry for the (more than) possible mistakes


    Is better editing this post with the remaining four or better post separated each card?

    P.S: How can I post the card and not the link?

    P.S 2: Thanks for the info @murkletins
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    Bzzap! Here's a stereotypical Benjamin Franklin designed for Commander and this contest.


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    @bnew, I am going to give you a benefit of the doubt that you posted that midnight last night...

    Contest is closed for judging!!! I will start on the card aspects soon, and when I get back to school will pass them onto Mr. K for his historical accuracy judgment.

    Happy New Year, everyone!!!
  • @Ranshi922 thanks, much appreciated!
  • I have completed my portion of the judging. I have sent the links to the entries to Mr. K.

    Reminder: Historical Accuracy is making up half of the final score.
  • The judging is in!

    Drumroll for 7 or so minutes while I type out the thing! (please)
  • First, our honorable mentions!

    The final honorable mention was the only card to score a perfect 50/50 in the history department, and could've won the whole contest had it not been for spelling and other syntax errs.

    Third Place was a tie between two very talented users with the same historical figure. They tied on the content of the card and in historical accuracy! Everybody give it up for @sorinjace & @Tomigon, with Ghandi, Rights Activist & Mahatma Ghandi, respectively!
    image image

    Second Place had a perfectly balanced score between the card and accuracy! Congratulations, @TenebrisNemo with Captain Blackbeard!

    Our first place winner submitted two entries and both of them tied for the highest score! Magnum cum laude, @KalamMekhar!
    image image

    Congratulations to all winners and H.M.s! @Corwinnn, would you mind closing the contest?
  • Cool! Idk what the prize means, butcongratulations to everyone who placed and really to everyone who entered, this contest was asking for your time in researching the subject of your card, so great job to everyone involved.
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