My Own Worst Enemy (Results Posted)

Hello all, welcome to my second challenge; My Own Worst Enemy. In this challenge, we have multi-fold entries. First, you will start by smithing a Legendary Creature that you feel best represents yourself. Please give a simple back story as to why your design best represents yourself. After the deadline for initial entries has past, I will randomly select another participating Smith to create a separate card that is designed to rival yours. Got it?.. Good! In the event of an odd number of entries, I will design the final rival card.

This challenge is about balance and playability. But, as well as personal representation. Don't go overboard on the OPness, I will comment on your design if the judges feel it's too much. Please check your formatting and punctuation before final submission.

Actual judging will be based of an algorithm we designed a while back to figure out the value-power ratio of a specific card or set of cards.

The first line of entries must be in by 18Dec: 2359 Japan, one week from now.

Prizes will go out to the top three designs, as such:
3rd place; 3 favorites, and a follow.
2nd place; 4 favorites, and a follow.
1st place; 5 favorites, a follow, and a gifted one month premium.


  • I will definatly try, but don't know how to represent myself without giving irl info or making it op.
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    Saveria, Undercroft Rogue


    So I took a lot of chances this year and last year. I quit my job, moved with my husband to a new and bigger city, and started a family. I feel like it costs something to make big changes like this. I feel drawn to black in magic lately too. So there..
  • @saveria201

    That's a legit reason. I just like playing D&D all the time.
  • Do I have to use my real name? or can I just use a fantasy name?
  • @Bowler218
    Whichever you're most comfortable with. My real name is Mercy, but my nicknames are murkletins on here and Mercyque elsewise.

    The card just has to be symbolic of you. It doesn't have to be a perfect representation. Few are after all!
  • Okay. I get sensitive when i use my real name
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    @saveria201 i guess that makes 2 of us as far as jobs and sacrifice go. I hope things go well for you and your husband! I made this card yesterday for my wife Aryanf. I gave up my new job to comfort her when she needed it most yesterday morning. (I just found out they put me at the bottom of the wait list for the job at the temp agency, so i can get it sometime early next year.) She lost her daughter to csb before we married. (Her daughter was with someone else not mine.) She gets sad i do anything to help ease her pain. She was really missing lucy because lucys birthday is drawing near.

    Does this count even though i made it the day before the start of this contest @spookoops?
  • Mercy is a beautiful name btw @murkletins! XD
  • @sorinjace
    I can only imagine how much her loss hurts. But no matter what I imagine, it would never compare to the loss of a child. The closest loss I've felt was the loss of my second best friend in a car crash. May I ask what csb refers to, if I'm not offending?

    Also, thanks for the complement on my name. It's much better than the name I was given at birth. But I don't like mentioning the birth name, so I'll refrain from mentioning it publicly.
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    @murkletins sorry, csb means childrens services bereau (im guessing that last word.) I dont think i should say any more than this, but thank you for your empathy. Aryanf loves lucy so much. And as far as your loss for your friend goes, im truly sorry for your loss as well. Its never easy to deal with. I dont want to even think about all the death ive seen in my life. Its too much to think of. Im 37 right, ive been around the block. Ive known all kinds of people. To be told by older folks back when i was in my early 20's that i had already at that age seen more death then they had in their life, it kinda hits you hard. January and february mark my uncle gary and my best friend devins deaths both died in 2016. Devin died day before i came home... Its still hard. So i can imagine how rough it must be for you for the loss of your friend. I made a card for devin not long ago too if you go through my cards youll see it its him in the image, that picture was taken at a metalcore show we went to out in cleveland ohio. Ah, memories. :) :( I miss devin so much, among many other people as well.
  • No worries, @sorinjace. I just wanted to understand a bit more. I was just hoping the loss of the child hadn't been too painful on the child physically. But I know that there's a fine line between revealing too much information, so I don't mind you refraining.

    I remember you talking about your friend in one of Modnation675's threads to get to know each other. I was honestly pleased to see many people willing to confess their life experiences.

    I plan to make a card for this challenge soon as I've delayed the judging of my contest and challenge.
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    Ok @murkletins! :) i dont mind talking to you about things mercy, you are a good friend, it just gets to be a touchy subject is all, and its best in pm i believe to discuss anyways. On the plus side, i cant wait to see what you come up with. Not to change the subject, but i just dropped my 1st entry into your succubus contest. I didnt see it until recently, and i didnt know it was ending so soon. Im hoping you can extend more time so i can put angels in there as well.
  • @sorinjace
    Yeah, I've extended it until mid evening December 15th. (6PM) As I'm delayed in judging.

    By the way, I'm going for a speech therapy appointment tomorrow. So I'm hoping that I can be taught to heighten the pitch of my voice. Right now it's sadly deep.

    Anyways, thanks for chatting with me. I'll be on for a few more hours as I listen to music, I've been meaning to watch the Corpse's Bride again so I hope to do so in the next few days.

    I'll send you a PM in a bit about some other things!
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    @sorinjace, your entry will do just fine. I never put a real restriction on age of cards, since I made my self representation as my first card here.

    @bowler218, when it comes to your name, use whatever you like; a fantasy name, nickname, anything works. As for the actual character, I like to break it down into a hobby, or life style, don't try and rep everything about you, pick one aspect and run with it., Musa for me says, I am a martial artist and live in Japan. Simple enough, I hope...
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    Tomacs, Sickened One.
    I have been sick numerous times this year and have had numerous unfortunate deaths of people that I care about and in my family. This includes both my grandparents, one of my uncles and childhood celebrities. I also really love Token decks and old, obscure keywords.
    (If you don't understand the Tentacle part of the art, it represents both the sicknesses that I have experienced and the sudden change/ mutation of my life because of those deaths. It was also the only fitting card art I could find.)
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    Kane, Reader of Worlds
    This past year, I've been reading a lot and working on writing my own. Growing and learning has been a big part of it, and I kinda designed the card to be able to always be able to come back from bad experiences, which I've kind of had over this year.
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    Updated my entry. TY @Tomigon, I think it is a much better card now.

    @sorinjace thanks :)) so far it is going okay. I started a new job that is a little difficult lately but I'm trying to manage. And you sound like a very supportive man. I hope you get that new job you want, good luck.
  • Thank you @saveria201! I hope so too.
  • I will go back to my roots later today, it is one of my first memories.
  • What color(s) would an ice mage be?
  • @Bowler218
    Blue or blue & white.
  • I figured this could fit here, too. I didn't even know what this contest was about, but maybe I'll play along.


    Created this for my birthday, for it mirrors my past year. I haven't been able to do many things, and sometimes things have ended the way they were not supposed to. But one can learn from every single thing that happens to them, and become much more than before. Once a very good friend of mine used to say "life is a lesson, you only learn it once you're through," and that has somehow stuck in my mind since we went our separate ways.
    This is my OG, my level 38 ice wizard from three years ago, pre anything but shadow magic, pre over 100 level caps, OG wizard101 ice wizard. The image is actual in game footage, and I wish I still had my membership. The only thing earlier than this is almost finishing Halo 3 ODST.
    I still wish I had my membership.
  • i will join!
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    My mind is always racing at a zillion miles a minute. It always feels like I never have the time to express myself properly, get it all down in some permanent form, like every idea in my head is just there to wave hi to me before moseying on to greener pastures. When I do snag an idea and have the time to make it real, that means I'm passing up on everything else. Those ideas are still in my brain somewhere though, rattling around and taking up space, and some days when I can't let anything out, it just feels like my head is gonna burst.


    Bam. So many possibilities that you could never explore them all, but now in card form. There's some profound irony here I'm sure, but I'm too tickled to address it. Also, the Commander set symbol is supposed to hint that this is a card designed with Commander sensibilities, as that is my preferred game type.
  • Can I have some feedback on my card (preferably from someone who played wizard101)
  • Did somebody mention Wizard101?
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