A New(ish) Genre: Saga Contests! (It has been chosen)

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@Jonteman93 's Tournament of Champions 1 and Planeswalker's Journey.
@TenebrisNemo 's Tournament of Champions 2.
@Aggroman15 's Planeswalker's Journey 2 and Tornament of Legends (dead)
@pjbear2005 's dead Awesome Journey of Awesomeness.
@baryonyx69 's dead Survival Isle.
@MonkeyPirate2002 's soon to exist Dungeon Crawl.

All these have a similar concept: Start with a character that has powers to grow, grow them, and win.
So, it is down to the community to find a name for this genre.
It shall be judged by the community (and mostly the pioneers above).
Entries close by the 1st of January.
If there is anyone else I haven't mentioned above that has been using this genre, please let me know.


  • How about RPG or "Role playing games"
  • You also forgot colonisers of astraliastria although i am forgetting who started it
  • Colonizers is different it's more of a strategy game. I'm planning on making this a prominent genre later with a contest idea I have in mind.
  • Ok, pm me when it comes around
  • How about "Branching Contests"

    Best I could come up with
  • What about “level up contests” or “character contests”?
  • How about "Tournament," "Champion," or "Journey" contests? (All named after Tournament of Champions and Planeswalker's Journey, two of the first, and most prominent, contests of this genre)
  • Odyssey contests.
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    "Champion" sounds solid, but I've got my own proposal to add: "Storybook", based on how most of these involve writing stories.
  • I like that!
  • I like odyssey
  • I think storybook is the best, given how clear it is.
  • Odyssey challenege
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    Storybook. I support @Lujikul's suggestion.
  • "Journey" or "Journament"
  • Seems that the main contenders at the moment are Odyssey and Storybook.
    (I like Odyssey the most at the moment)
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    Ive had slight experience in this given my scifi contest "Out of This World" didnt start out this genre but turned into this genre later on it was fun to do and ive been considering doing a revisit to that contest there was some great cards entered into it @RayearthIXV @ASubtleGhost to name just a couple cardsmiths who had awesome cards dropped in it.

    I like the Storybook idea but i think it should be more "magic" related and therefor going off what storybook means, im going to suggest SAGA. Saga generally means long epic or long story. Plus it sounds simpler and easier to remember and say. Just say it out loud: SAGA CONTEST.

    Cardsmith: "dear host what type of contest is this? Its hard to tell in the rules."

    Host: "its a SAGA contest! Create your own lore as the contest goes!"

    Just my 2 cents!
  • That sounds good!
  • If the term "Saga contest" catches on, i will literally create a [email protected]$$ contest for it @Bowler218 @AxNoodle
  • *jumps boats* Saga I think is the best one so far!
  • I like both saga and Odyssey. They have a nice ring. I really liked that Out of this world challenge, even though I never had the chance to enter.
  • Hmm. @pjbear2005 ill ask @Corwinnn to help me reboot the Out of This World contest if the term "Saga Contest" catches on!
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    "The Path of Exile"

    Wait, that's probably already copyrighted.

    "The Conquest of the Lost"

    Hm, sounds ok though...

    "The Road to Glory"

    Have no idea still.

    "The Champion's Way"

  • @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos
    Here is the offical path of exile wikipedia paragraph:
    Path of Exile is a free-to-play action role-playing video game developed and published by Grinding Gear Games. Following an open beta phase, the game was released in October 2013. A version for Xbox One was released in August 2017 and a PlayStation 4 version is scheduled for release in February 2019

    Road to glory:
    Two French officers (Fredric March, Warner Baxter) and one's aged father (Lionel Barrymore) face no man's land in World War I.

    Sorry if i seem like a downer or anything
  • When someone betrays you. You are their lesser of options or you were never an option at all.

    Personally I believe Journey is a little more correct than saga since no stories are needed.
    Sagas however can be indicated as the whole journey is told as a saga and not built upon sagas.
    Journeys though foes kind of indicating that the contenders make a journey, literary in a world or metaphorically through skill process and such.

    So I believe both Saga and Journey could work based on interpretations.
  • Odyssey works well because if I recall correctly there was a set by the name, it is an epic tale, and with fantastical topics and characters.
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