Duel Royale Season 2

Welcome to the second Duel Royale!

I apologize for waiting so long from the last duel royale and not finishing the first one. But now it's time for one to be finished and crown a champion!

The Duel Royale is a competition putting people against each other in groups and as the rounds progress the groups will get smaller.

10 People
Round 1: 2 Teams of 5 in a 5v5, 2 people from the losing team will be eliminated. (8 People Remain)
Round 2: 4 Teams of 2 in a 2v2v2v2, Top team gains an advantage, bottom teams get's eliminated. (6 People Remain)
Round 3: 2 Teams of 3 in a 3v3, 1 Person eliminated from each teams, 1 person from each team get a shared advantage. (4 People Remain)
Round 4: 2 Teams of 2 in a 2v2, Bottom team eliminated (2 People Remain)
Round 5: 1v1 Between Finalists, 1 winner will be determined

First Place: 4 Favorites, A Follow (Or 2 Favorites)
Second Place: 3 Favorites, A Follow (Or 2 Favorites)
Third Place and Fourth Place: 2 Favorites and A Follow (Or 2 Favorites)

Best Card Overall: 4 Favorites and a follow (Or 2 Favorites)
Second Best Card Overall: 3 Favorites and a follow (Or 2 Favorites)
Third Best Card Overall: 2 Favorites

3 People Eliminated in Earlier rounds will help judge the final round.

Round 1 Will be announced when enough people join.


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