Hello all. I am a huge fan of Japanese anime, manga, light novels, JRPGs, etc. For anyone who follows me for the angels or other things I create, they undoubtedly see the Fate or Azur Lane based cards I produce. However, I don't often see the card-smiths here making anime cards. So, this contest is to encourage others to make anime centric cards as well!

There will be two categories for this contest;
1. Cards that are balanced and realistic to the game of magic while using random anime art.
2. Cards that are based on a specific anime or anime character, and are truthful to the concept or abilities of that anime. These cards can be over the top and OP, but if so, please provide your reasoning.


- A maximum of three entries per category.
- Realism: Cards should be balanced and have proper formatting. For this contest, I will consider OP cards in the second category if a compelling argument is provided.
- Creativity: Try to avoid a card that just shows a bald eagle as a 2/2 bird with flying and no skills.
- Art: Please do NOT use any actual MTG art on your cards. I will heavily penalize cards that use MTG art.
- Newness: Please submit new cards and ideas. If you want to submit older cards, you may do so, but this will be used as a tiebreaker (where new creations rank higher against similar older cards).

For the winners:

Each Category:
- 1st: a follow, and 5 likes of your choice.
- 2nd: 4 likes of your choice.
- 3rd: 3 likes of your choice.
- Honorable Mentions: 2 likes of my choice.

And the grand prize for the #1 overall card will be a month of Premium time provided by @murkletins who graciously agreed to allow me to transfer the time I won in the recent Welcome it in, Miss Numb! Contest.

Lastly, this contest ends on January 11, 2019. I will post the winners within a week of that day at the latest.

Thank you, and best of luck to you all.

P.S. For any interested, you can see anime cards I've create at; (Fate Grand/Order) (KanColle and Azur Lane)



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