Adventure Time!

You have woken up in a strange area, your senses heightened and your pulse racing. You feel tired and misplaced, as if you had been flung across the Multiverse. You see something in your mind, a building that seemed to be calling to you, you know this is how you will get home. You hear something in your mind, Daramian. This world is new and made for you, you are something's plaything. You realize this and refuse to be played with, you will conquer this world and your captor.

Welcome to the creature version of Planewalker's Journey! (Permission has been given to me to make it.)


-A choice of one starting color
-A 2-4 mana legendary creature that is your starting color only.
-A niche that your cards will follow (Ex. Direct Damage, Counterspells, Merfolk Tribal. But has limits to being changed.)
-Up to four starting cards (Up to 2 commons and 2 uncommon)

You begin with the following limitations: (These limitations do not include your creature card.)
You begin with the following limitations: (Note: These limitations do not include your planeswalker card.)

-Colors of mana: 1
-Maximum mana cost: 3
-Max Legendary spells: 0
-Max Mythical spells: 0
-Max Rare spells: 0
-Max uncommon spells: 2
-Max commons spells: 2

Each week a challenge will be posted that you can create cards for. Cards created for the challenge will be awarded with points based on how well the challenge is solved.

Each card will be graded on a scale of 1-10:

Up to 2 possible points for being an appropriate power level for it's rarity (This basically means being balanced for it's rarity. It can be strong, but it needs to be balanced.)
Up to 2 possible points for fitting your niche
Up to 2 possible points for flavor
Up to 2 possible points for correct MTG wording/grammar
Up to 1 possible point for having the artist sourced
Up to 1 possible point for artwork choice (Having art that fits the card)
Up to 2 possible points for being able to solve the challenge it was made for, if it was made for a challenge

Card Rules
-Old cards are allowed
-Cards can be changed until the next challenge, at which point they are set in your spellbook and cannot be taken out. Ex. A card made on Wednesday can be changed during Wednesday, Tuesday and Friday before the challenge but not after.
-Cards cannot be colors that your creature is not.
-No planeswalkers, except if they are story cards.
-If you make a lore/story related card that is not one of your Creature's spells you may overlook all rules but you must signify that it is a lore/story card.

(This is based off of Planewalker's Journey and credit is due to the creator(s) of that.)


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