This’ll Keep You Busy! (TCPG Bi-Weekly Challenge #7.5)

I know my repeated absences are probably a cause for concern, but don’t worry! I am here, but intermittent internet access means I have enough time to throw more contests at you, but no time to judge or talk. Don’t worry. I’m reading your comments and looking at your entries when I can!

Speaking of being busy, here’s a quick challenge before I have to go. Make a card that keeps the opponent busy! I’ll be more detailed later, since it’s 3 in the morning where I live and I can’t type...


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    This'll keep em going for a little. Is this contest literally this contest, as in, is this contest just to keep us busy?

    Fun Fact: I read Gravity's Rainbow out of my own time and not for school, even at 722 pages I could finish it in about a week and a half but I read some, forgot about it for two years than finished it. So technically it took me two years to read a book.
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