Awesome Journey of Challenges

Hello and welcome to yet another Awesome Journey!

This will be the Awesome Journey of Awesomeness with more focus on cardmaking and less on story. This will also be a Saga with a more level up theme.

How to Start:
Create a Legendary creature with a one color and a CMC of One or less.
Create a Non-Legendary Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment or Artifact card with one color and a CMC 1 or less as a signature card.

I will provide info and a brief story on where you are and how you got there and I will give you your first challenge.

Over the course of the adventure you will get points from challenges and as your points build up you will have more options and cards to create. (Example: CMC, Color, Etc)

Once 18 People Join it will locked until someone is defeated, leaves or I make an exception.

Have fun!


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