Village Guardians (Saga)

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Welcome adventurers, mages, mercenaries and all! Welcome, welcome to the village of Hahgheim!
This village is quite peaceful, but it’s no stranger to crime, beast attacks or dark plots and rituals. And this is the reason that you 10 have been chosen as the Guardians of Hahgheim!
It is a great honor. You will operate freely, almost completely unrestricted by the law, and under the guidance of the Hahgheim Generals, the original protectors of Hahgheim.

Rules: create a balanced Legendary creature with a minimum of one signature, be it an artifact or spell.
Every day, new challenges will be issued, and any player can try to complete it. Every so often there will be a Super Challenge, which will be the only challenge for a week and all players can participate.
All challenges will offer rewards and can potentially beef up your character.

Act fast though, there are only 10 spots!


  • Welcome Teliar! We appreciate your joining the Hahgheim Guardians! You will not regret this decision. Your work will begin tomorrow. You better get some rest, you’ll need it!
  • Spot 2:


    Aubin, a noble warrior in the service of the Aegis was summoned to the Hahgheim to assist in quelling it's unfortunate miseries. Supported by the powerful tools of his heavenly master, Aubin aims to hunt down every filthy evil this world had to offer.
  • Welcome Aubin! We are glad you are pledging service to the citizens of Hahgheim!
  • Here are today’s quests!
    The jeweler has been having trouble getting jewels. Go to him to receive his quest.
    A bartender is complaining that her son has ran off. But he’s done it before, so we’re not surprised. But it is our duty to help the citizens. Go to her to receive this quest.
    A young man is hopelessly in love with a young woman, and he needs help to woo her. Go to him to receive this quest.
    I wish you all good luck on your ventures!
  • ^players pleazse pick one and only one. If you don’t pick one, that’s fine. But they are there for selection
  • I'll go get the child.
  • The Scriptures speak of how wealth is a tool with which to worship and give charity to the Cathedral and its people. With this in mind, Aubin went to the jewellers to assist however he could - for a deal that the jeweller donates the profits to his Most Holy Aegis if he assists.
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    Spot 3:

    Born in the same Hahgheim, Rual is not the strongest among the men in the town, but he always tried to help their neighbours and encourage them when trouble came. That´s the reason why the folk follow him as a sort of a leader.



    I took the missing child´s quest too.
  • image


    I will take the quest to help the man woo his crush.
  • Ok, I apologize for not being here much today!
    @Bowler218 You arrive at the woman’s house. She is sitting outside wrapped in a cloak, most likely her sons, and mumbling while rocking back and forth on her chair. She looks up and catches your gaze. A wide smile spreads across her face, and she stands and moved over to you with incredible speed. “Finally! My prayers have been heard! I thank you very much Guardian!”
    How do you respond?
  • @LostinStatic You enter the jeweler’s store. It is well lit and very decorative, displaying many fine rings and necklaces. You hear a bustle coming from the back room, and the jeweler comes stumbling from it, leaning against the counter. You notice his prosthetic leg, and pity the man. “You must be one of the new Guardians! You certainly look the type. Thanks for coming, thanks very much!”
    How do you respond?
  • @pjbear2005 You approach the young man’s house. It is slightly shabby, the paint is faded in many areas and the wood appears to have been taken from a ship wreck. You hear wood being chopped in the back and move to the noise. You arrive in the back of the house, a small fenced in area, and you spot the man. He appears to be preparing to extend on to his house. You wipes his forehead of sweat, sets his ax on a table, and turns to see you. “Ha! Haha! Yes! You’re here! I knew they would help me!”
    How do you respond?
  • Whoops! I apologize again, @Derfaulehelmut! I didn’t realize you took the missing child quest. But unfortunately, for right now, only one player can chose a quest and a player can only chose one.
    But for my mess up, here ya go, a free quest! If ya don’t like it, I can always change it!
    An old man requires help finding some children he lost while playing hide and seek. Help him and be rewarded.
  • @baryonyz69
    Aubin regards the old man with a look of disinterest, though he, of course, pities an enfeebled man - pagan or no.
    "You asked for the assistance of a guardian, something to do with missing jewels?" Aubin presented himself with a flourish, his cape whipping behind him. "The Holy Lion of our beloved Aegis has arrived. Speak your troubles, but do so quickly, old boy."
  • “Yes, of course. You Guardians are busy I imagine! My trouble is this. I have a supplier up in the hills. He has supplied me since I started this shop 25 years ago. But in the past week, I have received nothing from him. I would appreciate it if you could go and check on him. I could reward you well!”
    How do you respond?
  • @baryonyx69
    I respond with:
    "It's a pleasure meeting you, now, I have heard this happens often. Where does he usually go? I know that he is very important to you, so a little information and he'll be back by tomorrow."
  • “He usually wanders out into the forest, to clear his head. While it isn’t typically a dangerous place, there have still been sightings of bears and other foul creatures. I fear he may have encountered one and... oh I can’t bear the thought! Please find him and bring him back!”
  • @baryonyx69
    "You call for a guardian for a mere reconnaissance pursuit? Is this village truly troubles by such menial trifles?" Aubin seemed disgusted, but he decided to take the job regardless. "I shall help you, but in return, you will pay a tithe to the Cathedral of the Aegis. If there is none within walking distance, I shall take the donation to delivery myself."
    With that, Aubin left and made his way 'up in the hills'.
  • I know I told you I would join, but I didn't realize it was one of these... I want to shy away from these for now as they are a hefty commitment. Maybe another time?
  • @baryonyx69
    "He'll be fine, if this ever happens again, I will gladly help." As I leave, "Thank you."
  • @LostinStatic “Very well, anything for a Guardian! Thank you for your troubles!”
    As you proceed up the hills, you are attacked by 2 wolves.
    How do you react?
  • @Ranshi922 very well. Perhaps later.
  • @Bowler218 “No, thank you kind Guardian!”
    As you proceed into the forests, you hear a loud snarl from among a thicket of brush.
    How do you react?
  • @baryonyx69
    Abuin is armed with a longsword of silver and covered in thick armour. Wolves are not worth killing with the expensive-to-maintain blade and it's unlikely that random beasts would be capable of puncturing the plate, so Aubin picks up a few heavy rocks from nearby and uses them in an attempt to bludgeon the pitiable creatures.
  • Oh! And I guess now would be a good time to explain reputation!
    So all of your characters have 50% reputation right now. For each primary objective you complete in a quest your reputation will increase by 5%. For each secondary objective you complete, your reputation will increase by another 5%.
    For each primary objective you fail, reputation decreases by 5%. For each quest you chose but in no way attempt to complete, your reputation decreases by 15%.
  • @LostinStatic the wolves perish with a satisfying crunch as the rocks crush their pathetic skulls. You continue on and arrive at your destination: the entrance to an old mine.
    How do you react?
  • @baryonyx69
    With his travelling supplies at the village, Aubin looks around for a torch of some kind with which to light his path. The Aegis believes in those who might fend for themselves with wit and intuition and without reckless abandon.
  • Teliar looks towards the bushes, and calls out for the little boy.
  • My creature, her signature card is coming soon.
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