My To-Do List of Projects for 2019

Just like last year, I'm going to list off my planned custom card projects for 2019 and hopefully let the MTGCS community hold me accountable for getting them all done (culminating with a State of Cardsmithing at the end of the year to reflect on everything). Of course, feel free to give me feedback and requests about my list and whatnot.
Custom Sets:
-Steam Siege (Status 44 of 274 cards completed.)
-Galaxia (Status: 58 of 274 cards completed.)
-Pokemon Diamond and Pearl: The MTG Set (Status: 19 of 274 cards completed.)
-Some sort of masters set (Status: Theorycrafting)
-Secret Project (Codename: Pkm) (Status: Finished)
-Secret Project (Codename: Test) (Status: ???)
Products and Decks:
-Cardsmith Commander 2019 (Status: None.)
-Steam Siege Planeswalker Decks (Status: None.)
-Galaxia Planeswalker Decks (Status: None.)
-Pokemon Diamond and Pearl: The MTG Set Decks (Status: None.)
In terms of priority (highest to lowest, not necessarily the order things are finished in):
-Secret Project (Codename: Pkm)
-Steam Siege
-Cardsmith Commander 2019
-Secret Project (Codename: Test)
-Some sort of masters set
-Pokemon Diamond and Pearl: The MTG Set
-Steam Siege Planeswalker Decks
-Galaxia Planeswalker Decks
-Pokemon Diamond and Pearl: The MTG Set Decks


  • I'd like to work with you on the commander stuff. Although I have a friend who would probably play test it.
  • @Bowler218

    That would be a big help. I'm finishing up the custom cards at the moment, then I'll be working on the decklists.
  • Ok, I'll ask him when we can get together.
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