Reasonable cards Challenge

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Hi there! have you ever entered a contest where theres like, just all these amazing mythic rares and planeswalkers, that you just say to yourself: "these are to good! i'm never going to win this contest if all the other people have these over powered cards!"

I have.
And that is why I have created this contest.
There are only three pieces of criteria:

[ 1 ] : There must be proper MTG language. [ I really hate cards that don't ]
[ 2 ] : They must be reasonable cards, in between something as simple as a basic land to as powerful as emrakul.
[ 3 ] : please, please, please don't make LAME cards. I want to have some fun looking at your creations!

The first place winner will have their card liked and two cards of their choice, second will have their crad liked and one card of their choice and third will have their card liked.

Thank you and i'm looking forward to seeing your great cards!


By the way please do not enter multiple cards. Only one or two per person.


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